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Anthony Carlo
Go to the Facebook page Askgamblers is a scam There you will see how they support blacklisted casinos sending unsuspecting gamblers to them only to be ripped off by ambiguous terms and conditions. They DICTATE how you can complain against a casino and you can not do so unless you join them and give them your personal info????? NOT They have a vested interest to protect casinos they advertise for they should be removed from YouTube and Facebook as they are assisting in the commission of fraud against gamblers around the world
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Anthony Carlo
OMG, how much did they pay you to do this review???? They are blacklisted on legit casino review pages. They use ambiguity to get out of paying players. Sure their platform runs well but customer support and ambiguity run wild here. They have no customer retention See my facebook page Playamo customer complaints. My review of this casino when it airs next year on my show The Happenstance Hunter will, unfortunately, make your review look like a setup and scam youtu.be/dbSvJ7sZzNY
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Tea Spam
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Amanda Ouellet
This company doesn't cash out simply Google how many people they have ripped off. I sent all my documents four times already they say they want front and back photos, I send front and back. They say separate the photos, I separate the photos, they say they want two pieces of identification, I send two pieces of Identification, they say front and back of both pieces and a mailing address. I do that and they have discarded payment seven times. It's not only me. I googled them and what do you know there are so many others. Ripp off Scammers is all. I won't stop either. I'm sick of these types of people. They are literally disgusting.
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Mikalos t
jai joue et gagner 3000$ en tout mais quand cest venue le temp de me payer ...apres plusieurs echec de document....jamais cirrect ils ont fermer min compte sous pretexte que jen avais 2 . FAUX!!!!

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Как реально зарбатывать 3000 в день через интернет?
Все пoнятно, вce пo дeлу, ничегo лишнeго.. Автopу роликa oгрoмнoе спасибo!
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