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Коментарии Beste Quoten fur Slots

OPA 294
Am thinking what a waste of money but end of the day that his money
Коментарий от: OPA 294

thi nguyen
How rich does someone gotta be to stuff in 35 k in a slot machine? Lol sheesh lost over 20k and didn’t even break a sweat! I wish I had 20k to save!
Коментарий от: thi nguyen

Raymundo Rivas
What a rip off machine.
Коментарий от: Raymundo Rivas

I like watching these but you should fire whomever put that awful extra window up. That ruined the entire thing. We don't need to see you push the button.
Коментарий от: jnauta86

Rodney Api
The amount of people he could have helped. All went down the drain. Dumb video
Коментарий от: Rodney Api

nathaniel sharp
This guy and davo should do a crossover
Коментарий от: nathaniel sharp

Kevin Montgomery
I’ll be sure to not watch this again
Коментарий от: Kevin Montgomery

Amy Sheng
You talk too much
Коментарий от: Amy Sheng

Anoush niazian
Коментарий от: Anoush niazian

Get over yourself and stop talking so much, 2 min in cannot stomach anymore. BYE!
Коментарий от: PATRICK CONNELL

Rashard Dennis
Great video new supporter here!! Good Luck!
Коментарий от: Rashard Dennis

Margaret McIntyre
Wat a loss
Коментарий от: Margaret McIntyre

Paul Waters
The most annoying voice on YouTube I had to turn off
Коментарий от: Paul Waters

Thank you, come again.
Коментарий от: Don

Hoot Owl
Коментарий от: Hoot Owl

Aguss. s
Crazy bet
Коментарий от: Aguss. s

Max Baba
Fake. Must be a casino setup.
Коментарий от: Max Baba

That is a lot of money I usually just take $250 to the casino.
Коментарий от: ScratchTilYouWin

Terry Newby Realtor
looks like a bunch of losers in chat
Коментарий от: Terry Newby Realtor

Aaron Ackerman
You guys are so annoying
Коментарий от: Aaron Ackerman

Michael Monaghan
What's a super chat
Коментарий от: Michael Monaghan

It's amazing to see the machine would not pay a coin bonus UNTIL you dropped your line bet. I would never recommend 100 pulls on a line that is not paying. Best of luck.
Коментарий от: runhorse.com

Scotty MSU
I rather take the $25k instead of 100 spin @ $250
Коментарий от: Scotty MSU

tom ee
Loses $6000 and doesn't flinch
Коментарий от: tom ee

Yong K peterson

Коментарий от: Yong K peterson

Rae Marie
Nothing more boring than watching 500 dollars rack up on a slot machine dollar by dollar. Push the button we don't want to sit there forever
Коментарий от: Rae Marie

Racean Mihai
is fake
Коментарий от: Racean Mihai

Wonje Yu
Chicken player
Коментарий от: Wonje Yu

Юра Кіріанов
Коментарий от: Юра Кіріанов

Jonathan stavast
There is no free spins. You are spending money. Your credits keep going down
Коментарий от: Jonathan stavast

CouponingWith Kenstue
Omg your camera man is so obnoxious.
Коментарий от: CouponingWith Kenstue

Gary Watt
Obviously has more dollars than sense...
Коментарий от: Gary Watt

"remember guys to gamble responsibly" as he throws away $250 on each spin!
Коментарий от: Dan

Jims respones
they are so right. his voice is terrible. the word 'pompus' comes to mind. and hit the damn button. dont need to watch it count.
Коментарий от: Jims respones

Lower volume guys 🤪
Коментарий от: Jillysflix

Rojan Limbu
Felt so happy and 9 free games with 25 camel only 🤣
Коментарий от: Rojan Limbu

Timo Mia
Maybe don’t let the win count for 70% of the video. It counts a 3750$win dollar by dollar
It sucks tbh

Коментарий от: Timo Mia

Timo Mia
Playing 25k on a 5fps slot/game.
Nice XD

Коментарий от: Timo Mia

John Houldsworth
I once heard him say that he ‘lost’
Коментарий от: John Houldsworth

John Houldsworth
Hay Raj, my wife and I are in for $1,000 each if group pull in Tampa, January 2020
Коментарий от: John Houldsworth

John Houldsworth
When in Tampa January 2020, group pull? It would n
Be worth the trip from Naples Fl to join in. Let us know big fanns ; John $ Sandy

Коментарий от: John Houldsworth

Jan Stevens
"than listen to..."
Коментарий от: Jan Stevens

Naja Tamu
U win bro
Коментарий от: Naja Tamu

I am trying to win 250 dollar, and this guy just spins with it, ohh
Коментарий от: smoke1

Maybe he has money but I guess he decided to be himself and not change. Change means leaving your past means moving to live a fake life. Good for him he didn't change and still socialising with his old friends.
Коментарий от: SilverSurfer

sick of liberals
You might can play high stakes in any other state than Oklahoma, do that here and you will be walking home
Коментарий от: sick of liberals

So....ugh.....did you end up sleeping on the couch?
Коментарий от: Mike

Weasna Sim
Have you been to encore boston ma yet???
Коментарий от: Weasna Sim

People should just chill and appreciate the experience of watching someone play such high denominations.
Коментарий от: Madzippy

Matulin Drazen
Too anoying way too much talk
Коментарий от: Matulin Drazen

Weasna Sim
That's how you feel???😎👍🏽
Коментарий от: Weasna Sim

fernando teutli
With the winning buy some charisma you boring ass
Коментарий от: fernando teutli

Troye Duane Blignaut
How do u become the best at something that only requires you to have money and a finger to press SPIN lol. Honestly this dude is a joke
Коментарий от: Troye Duane Blignaut

I, being one of those Aussies, just cant help but point out the word is---alright, not--arrrr--ryte.
Коментарий от: G.D MEAD

mike angyal
I was wondering if I can get the money I have in my winnings
Коментарий от: mike angyal

John Lami
Коментарий от: John Lami

Joppa z
Putting 30 grand in a slot machine and winning doesn’t make you special
Коментарий от: Joppa z

"Worlds Greatest Slot Player?" It's all chance isn't it? Tell me what sets you apart from the rest? Why are you so great?
Коментарий от: Dustcorr

Coleen Stockman
Yes i was just thinking.what.a.horrible voice to have to listen to for any length.of time.
Коментарий от: Coleen Stockman

Well if you do wait for me.
Коментарий от: frank

Adam Decker
Mr papagiorgio I want to see you win a car LOL
Коментарий от: Adam Decker

Mathy Sathasivam
We can't wach your so noisier
Коментарий от: Mathy Sathasivam

Mathy Sathasivam
Why you talk to much
Коментарий от: Mathy Sathasivam

Harley Wineti
Captain Davo is number 1 bro
Коментарий от: Harley Wineti

Fair Dinkum
Get help for gambling 1800858858
Коментарий от: Fair Dinkum

Sasha Wright
2:45, 7:04, 22:42
👇 Because your welcome

Коментарий от: Sasha Wright

Steven Trautman
I know the feeling...$
Коментарий от: Steven Trautman

Steven Trautman
Good luck...!
Коментарий от: Steven Trautman

Re-Creator Creator
One spin 250 credit points= 25$ .
Коментарий от: Re-Creator Creator

stephen stephen
I'm over here stressed about having to pay my cable bill and this guy is doing $250 per spin on a slot 😂😂
Коментарий от: stephen stephen

Sherrie White
Drives me crazy when blows air between his teeth!
Коментарий от: Sherrie White

Guys search for "The roulette trick on youtube" for ez profit with roulette
Коментарий от: CommentsGenie

Ami Eliyahu
So how much is the casino paying this guy?
Коментарий от: Ami Eliyahu

Dustin D
I love almost every slot you tuber... yet I stumble across this douche bag in my recommended. “Worlds greatest slot player” 😂 trash
Коментарий от: Dustin D

Rob Mendez
major and mini would have been epic. I wonder how many views/subs/memberships would actually cover your daily rituals
Коментарий от: Rob Mendez

Daniel Prescott
Bro your annoying stfu and play
Коментарий от: Daniel Prescott

Daniel Prescott
Bro you are crazy for betting that much lol
Коментарий от: Daniel Prescott

Alexandros Kotanidis
Nice. Good luck.
Коментарий от: Alexandros Kotanidis

Trek Compsport
how do you put 30K into a slot machine ?
Коментарий от: Trek Compsport

i turned off the sound so i cant hear him then it was not as bad.
Коментарий от: 4nik8uobama

quynh nguyen
Is this machine rigged?
Коментарий от: quynh nguyen

Jason Brown
So much wallet envy in the comments. XD
Коментарий от: Jason Brown

Siv Font
Worlds greatest dumbass
Коментарий от: Siv Font

Jared Faye
At least they gave u a free room...
Коментарий от: Jared Faye

Jared Faye
The casino kicks you in the nuts again... lol😁
Коментарий от: Jared Faye

Zayy Sandoval
Real life Ned Flanders!! lol
Коментарий от: Zayy Sandoval

진짜 한번 클릭에 25만원 인가요??
Коментарий от: game게임

Relic Hunters Wales
Thought the title said Big Jackpot?? Did I miss that somewhere?
Коментарий от: Relic Hunters Wales

He sounds like a Simpsons character
Коментарий от: UkFisherman81lb

Simon Dacio
On average how much do you put in compared to winning
Коментарий от: Simon Dacio

Popcorn TV
*Great video i like it. Greets from my German slots channel*.
Коментарий от: Popcorn TV

Denise Hicks
Good luck
Коментарий от: Denise Hicks

Mark O
The comments are hilarious. Don't ever disable them please!
Коментарий от: Mark O

roberta knoke
call me naive but is this guy for real? Who puts $30,000 in a slot machine? Why would anybody watch this? Totally unrealistic and no one (except for some insanely rich and spoiled) would ever do any of this. I want to live vicariously through you, and I'm not even close to this insane
Коментарий от: roberta knoke

Zena Flaptoise
Коментарий от: Zena Flaptoise

Dan Price
Cant cope to listen to this annoying voice anymore. Goodbye
Коментарий от: Dan Price

METALLICA Enter Sandman
How could you called yourself the greatest ever slot player when you was afraid to keep spinning for 250 dollar and go down to only 50 dollar bet? The greatest one do not do that.... maybe if you do a poker game, you could easily loose in every game. I am not a hatters, but only giving my opinion as a gambler too. You are only normal gambler that have the support from your patreon and maybe someone else to gamble some huge money. Sometimes, you have a luck in winning 100k...but that does not happened everytime.... i do watched the video of you winning the 100k, anyway....congrats for being the slot player channel with the biggest subcribers. Keep it up and good luck Mr. Raja . Dont think negative about all of you hatters because even the President of US also had the same situation with his hatters.😆😀👍👌
Коментарий от: METALLICA Enter Sandman

Mini boom
Коментарий от: Pleadship

Matt Grazul
Had to turn off the sound, this guy can break glass.....
Коментарий от: Matt Grazul

Pinaysaitalia vlogs
omg...what a bet.
Коментарий от: Pinaysaitalia vlogs