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Awesome place, a new sub here.
Коментарий от: jlmiami1

That's How I Roll
We have a drive in movie just minutes from our summer home, We are going to see the Incredibles 2! They also have a very nice complex to include an old fashioned ice cream parlor, a pizzeria, a american grill, miniature golf, arcade, bounce inflatables and free live music! it is awesome! It's called The Charcoal Corral and Silver Lake Drive in!
Коментарий от: That's How I Roll

Play Cool
Hi, Carsla... I subbed and liked your channel... Could you sub my channel too?! Thanks.
Коментарий от: Play Cool

Daphne Wocknitz
it looks nice
Коментарий от: Daphne Wocknitz

UV Art
So beautiful 👌
Коментарий от: UV Art

Wilson Kk
Коментарий от: Wilson Kk

Sydney Anne
It's so pretty there, thanks for taking us along with you!!
Коментарий от: Sydney Anne

Alyssa Ash
Henderson looks so pretty! and that casino is so neat! great video:)
Коментарий от: Alyssa Ash

looks like a fun place!
Коментарий от: exenly

Katelyn Anne
New sub from meee! (:
Коментарий от: Katelyn Anne

Kole Kosta
Beautiful video dear Carsla ;) I wish you a marvelous time, always the best in your life.. . Love and friendship, and everything your heart needs to be happy! Have a fantastic week!Greetings
Коментарий от: Kole Kosta

Mikah Yeb
wow a movie theatre in a mall that also has a casino!? sounds like a crazy crazy fun time! 💥 You guys are having a great time in those parts of the states. beautiful landscapes.. a ton of land! and you really show some incredibly beautiful towns and areas that seem like a great place to be a bachelor and/or raise a family 👌 ... really nice professional work you're doing. very nice uploads 👌👍👍
Коментарий от: Mikah Yeb

My Kitchen Food
Коментарий от: My Kitchen Food

Nice video and that casino is nice
Коментарий от: Talisah

XêKô Channel
nhìn rất đẹp
Коментарий от: XêKô Channel

Don't think I've ever been inside a Casino before! It looks lovely in there!!😍👌
Коментарий от: YourGirlSudanny

MUM & 3T
Fantastic video, the casino is very big and beautiful👍
Коментарий от: MUM & 3T

Great vlog I'm really enjoying these videos👌🏽👌🏽❤
Коментарий от: MICHELLE DOVE

Bethany Meyer
Looks like such a fun place!!
Коментарий от: Bethany Meyer

She Cook's
Awesome upload my friend.
Коментарий от: She Cook's

Galactic Jenny
Awesome video gorgeous! 💖
Коментарий от: Galactic Jenny

Larissa Kaiowá
In Nevada casino are just top 👍👍👍 great video my friend ! 😘😘😘
Коментарий от: Larissa Kaiowá

Gar Gra
I need you around when I go to any casino anywhere, that way you could snatch me out of the chair and scream "remember your budget" Lol That looks like a great area to be in.
Коментарий от: Gar Gra

Rosy Makeup
Wow great video 👍💖💋💋
Коментарий от: Rosy Makeup

Tianna Ouellette
as a kid I ALWAYS wanted to go to a casino I have no clue why but I always wanted to! And I still want to go! Thanks for taking us along with you :)
Коментарий от: Tianna Ouellette

The Night Owl
Looks like very beautiful place. I love the architecture
Коментарий от: The Night Owl

Wow 😮 😮 Wow very nice good video friend 😁😁😁👍👍👍💔💔💔💔💔
Коментарий от: WElCOME TO KRATAI KITCHEN ครัวอังกฤษ

Momo Star
great video so gorgeous xxx
Коментарий от: Momo Star

Gaming dude
Amazing casino, nice presentation my friend!! You’re awesome!! Left a like and full view
Коментарий от: Gaming dude

Ezekiel Magdalen
Very cool 😊👌
Коментарий от: Ezekiel Magdalen

Travel Tuber
Superb.. The casino is big and gorgeous too.
Коментарий от: Travel Tuber

Firefly 03
Gorgeous 😍😍
Коментарий от: Firefly 03

Chi Asmr
That's a massive one 😍
Коментарий от: Chi Asmr

Marina G
Awesome video! I subbed and liked! Keep it up!
Коментарий от: Marina G

مطبخ كوكى كل حياتى
Very nice 😘😘😘😘😘😘
Коментарий от: مطبخ كوكى كل حياتى

Ashley Gaita
I can't remember the last time I've been to a casino but this one is stunning! Looks like such an awesome atmosphere! :D
Коментарий от: Ashley Gaita

poison pixie
Looks cool here. I love a good casino
Коментарий от: poison pixie

wow this place is huge as well beautiful. great job, huge like
Коментарий от: GoodStuff

Chelsea Irene
Wow this casino is so gorgeous! Reminds me of the luxury ones on cruise ships haha
Коментарий от: Chelsea Irene

it’s sHaDrAcK
I have seen that building before maybe
Коментарий от: it’s sHaDrAcK

Gorgeous place hun, thanks for showing us around 👏🏾❤️❤️😍😍
Коментарий от: AliceWalker.London

Oohhh Thank You so much Dear Carsla for the guided visit through this fabulous hotel and Casino!!
What e fantastic place ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I enjoyed each moment 💥💥
Have a great evening my friend ☀️
Many kind greetings🌸

Коментарий от: nourskean1039

Auto Rating.
Woow, looks like a luxury hotel.
Beautiful inside. Awesome my friend. Have a lovely day👍

Коментарий от: Auto Rating.

Lena Gergesلينا
Wowww amazing
Коментарий от: Lena Gergesلينا

Laura and Isabella
Totally wanna visit Nevada!! It looks so much fun 😍
Коментарий от: Laura and Isabella

Plosokuning TV
good vidios sub back wellcome
Коментарий от: Plosokuning TV

Brie Luv
Girl..... I love your channel, and your personality!! Big like!! & yes Regal is out here in my state! New subbie of course, let’s support our YouTube journey! Keep up the content beautiful!
Коментарий от: Brie Luv

Sabrina Katharina
awesome video and great place! really enjoyed the video hun xx
Коментарий от: Sabrina Katharina

My Diary My Way
Nice video and amazing place friend
Коментарий от: My Diary My Way

Amaka Njoku
Wow! Lovely place sweetheart, amazing view💕💕 enjoy your Sunday xx
Коментарий от: Amaka Njoku

fantastic upload my friend, really nice. Superlikeeee¡¡¡¡ from Spain and have a nice new Week: Javier
Коментарий от: RollingBilbao

Ishita's Kitchen
Very nice... subscribe for u hopping u will to support my channel
Коментарий от: Ishita's Kitchen

Ghost Playsxx
Looks incredible wish I could go there
Коментарий от: Ghost Playsxx

Fashion Reflexion
Such a nice place! 😊👌
Коментарий от: Fashion Reflexion

Ah great video girl!!!! I want to go to Henderson now!!!
Коментарий от: vivalashona

Henderson looks like such an awesome places to visit!! I need to go soon 😍🤗
Коментарий от: R HOUSE

Shakila Ruto
i love it its beautiful
Коментарий от: Shakila Ruto

yolanda loyola
nice share
Коментарий от: yolanda loyola

ilona Given
Nice video....
That place is beutiful

Коментарий от: ilona Given

Great video
Your video is brilliant and awesome
I really enjoyed watching it
Thanks so much for sharing
Thumbs up
Happy new week friendly grettings

Коментарий от: 솔하G애

Top Line Josue Lugo
The Best 😀👍💯💯
Коментарий от: Top Line Josue Lugo

Bimla food House
Nice casino.....💃💃💃💃
Коментарий от: Bimla food House

A lot to see at that Casino, all good~
Коментарий от: cashino

all in house
amazing place , so beautiful ,,,,, great share , casino is awesome , love it
Коментарий от: all in house

Farmall Fanatic
Very cool! 👌. We have tinseltown.
Коментарий от: Farmall Fanatic

Angela Sasaki
I've been to Nevada so many times, but never to Henderson. It looks like such a nice place!
Коментарий от: Angela Sasaki

JayJKay HouseOfHarley's
Коментарий от: JayJKay HouseOfHarley's