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Коментарии Great blue heron casino poker tournaments

Hey Anton, My name is Draven and I just turned 21 on the 16th and already have been to the Casino 4 days in a row. I’ve done very well for the 4 days that I’ve gone (Up $600 with a $1000 bankroll). Do you think it’s possible or realistic to win just $100/day with my current bankroll?
Коментарий от: Aristotle

Lauren Mcguire
All I can say is thank you for this video. Inspirational for me in the current state I have found myself in.
Коментарий от: Lauren Mcguire

Gasolino G
Your struggles are other people's dreams, I'm here trying to learn at least how to play something..
Коментарий от: Gasolino G

Brandon Polen
Amazing intro
Коментарий от: Brandon Polen

“High Roller VIP”=simp....casinos only go broke because of poor management
Коментарий от: bluedollars

James O'Bryan
i disagree. $5,000-$10,000 worth of action per month is nowhere near enough to be labeled a "high roller" by casinos. i play blackjack about 20 hours a week. my average bet is about $40 a hand and let's say i get 60 hands out of the average hour. that's a total of $48,000 worth of action a week. blackjack has a house edge of 0.05%, my expected value to a casino is $240 a week. i'm a "mid level tier" card player
Коментарий от: James O'Bryan

Christine Kilpatrick
I know I'm addicted.... now I have 54k in tax forms... ugh.
Коментарий от: Christine Kilpatrick

Samuel Cruz
Dam, good for u , respect
Коментарий от: Samuel Cruz

Blackjack University
Great video
Коментарий от: Blackjack University

sam hawkz
Theres always a chance of winning when you're gambling. Theres a even higher percentage that when you do win. You'll go back. Once you look at the casino as a way to earn some fast fun cash... your screwed! Dont gamble money you cant afford to lose. Always look at the money you brought as a going out expense money and nothing more. If you win you do while enjoying the night. If you lose then you lose but you already had set amount of how much spending your doing before you left the house. I enjoy the casino now because I rarely go unless I'm looking to have fun night. I don't ever decide to go to casinos because of the odds of winning. I'm going for the atmosphere and food and drinks and of course beautiful woman.
Коментарий от: sam hawkz

Please dont forget that I was at the Crap Tables with all the main Players for years. Everyday Crap Player Terry Wife died on the Job at Greektown Casino last month. Make sure u stay in touch and comment back to my messages
Коментарий от: Actor AL JEROM GOODSON

I'm also of an addictive personality type, but I'm a low roller. However casinos and gambling generally is dangerous, I know that.
But I do love poker, I do love the roulette and craps.

I have been fortunate to not take those big losses. Taken some losses but nothing I cannot afford.

I am watching these kindoff videos to constantly remind me of being mindfull. Because the consequences are so big when it first starts rolling down.

I would as newbie really struggled with big bets like your girl watching you throw dice. But I get used to it fast and kindoff blinded. As very new I went fast from 5€ to 3 hands of 50€ on blackjack. Not because I had a roll to play for that. But I escalate while playing. I need bigger to feel more rush, It was not money to me as I knew money when it laid there. it was 2 green chips. Blind by it's actual value.
That scares me a bit. I'm different when I put my bills on something, but it's easy to be blinded by chips

Gotta stay mindfull and in control.
I'm afraid of alcohol while gambling, I remember I had a comp. free alcohol all night. as much as I wanted, free toast. free what they had. I got really drunk, gambled those 800€ I had on me. pulled out 500€ more. gambled. then I was suddenly at a strip bar with friends. without money. Got thrown out pretty fast and had to walk to my hotel using google maps.

That's exactly what you can expect out of "Free" stuff. It's "free" for a reason.

1300€ is probably nothing to many if you. but my total budget for my vacation was 2k€ ish.. So it was a large part of my roll. 🤷‍♂️

Коментарий от: KimiiiRaikkonen

Mechelle F.
Where did you get the money to gamble? Are you inherently wealthy? What’s your job? Seems like you need money to gamble at that level....:
Коментарий от: Mechelle F.

Jacob Gonzalez
13:27 that’s a scary comment , you could stop gambling for 10-20 years saving hella money and 1 night decide to play and you could lose it all right back in just 1 night
Коментарий от: Jacob Gonzalez

Jacob Gonzalez
I think I’m a gambling addict in a sense , when I do go to the casino l usually don’t kno when to quit and try to win my money back but I don’t go all that often and I don’t immediately head to the casino the second I get money but what do you think ? Can you be a gambling addict just when you’re at the casino or is it only when you’re going all the time gambling money you don’t have to lose ?
Коментарий от: Jacob Gonzalez

Jack Wemply
You must have lost big that night. Feeling emotional.

Losing money does that

Коментарий от: Jack Wemply

Red Sanz
I only go when my marine family comes home, twice a year. We go around 2-3 time each vacation. Ive won most of the time, im up around 4-5k around there but this christmas that we went 3 times in a week i lost each day. I never let myself lose over 150-200 tho. I lose what im comfortable with losing and just watch or leave i dont let myself take out more money. Really enjoy the atmosphere, walking around and watching tho
Коментарий от: Red Sanz

Saint Man
I spend around 30k usd monthly here in casino in Croatia,mostly roulette..they dont even give free drinks plus they are rude as fuck sometimes...so...gambling in US for me would be paradise i guess😍
Коментарий от: Saint Man

Masa -chan
Thank you for being so open about your experiences. I’d like to open my heart in response to your honesty. I felt this personally, not being a gambler myself but my dad has been one for years. I know it’s not my place to talk about the full extent his experiences because I will never know what it was like for him (unless he chooses to share how much a casino changed him).

But I do want to share how his experiences affected me, since this is what I do know.

Only until recently was he willing to admit he had a problem, though I only learned it from others—he never confessed that to me. But even if he talked to me directly, I’m not sure if I can forgive him. He took all my savings from me when I was 15 to keep playing—I could barely comprehend the amount of hurt and betrayal I felt. I was already working at the time so I could make some extra money but then I really felt I had to work to survive when I was a sophomore in high school. He has paid me back since then but how can I ever forget that?

And now, since he’s trying to get better, I know objectively that I should support him as best I can so he can recover more easily, but I feel so weary at the fact that a father’s burden became his daughter’s burden. In addition, when he started working at the casino, I felt betrayed again. I should be grateful that he’s trying his hardest to provide for our family but it’s hard knowing the casino is the thing that occupies him the most.

I know that his situation is not unique. It’s not 100% his or anyone’s fault, that his and anyone’s circumstances are to blame too. But this is just the feelings of one girl affected by both things her father did and had done to him.

Thank you for your time.

Коментарий от: Masa -chan

JMD Ikonix
Went to the tropicana in AC on my 21st bday and lost $100. I was ok with it though since that was the budget I limited myself to, I spent all day and even the next morning nursing that hundred, up and down. I had a blast, as long as you go in knowing you're not gonna walk out rich and just dick around with some friends and enjoy some dollar drinks, Casinos are great.
Коментарий от: JMD Ikonix

Yolanda Estrada
The "lifestyle " is very enticing to many. To be able to leave your reality behind and feel good is awesome. The lights, people, sounds, human interaction, its attractive.
Коментарий от: Yolanda Estrada

Louis Berry
Not being rude but did I miss where you explained how you could afford to spend that much?
Коментарий от: Louis Berry

Solo Da Don
Anton whats ur biggest hit in one session?
Коментарий от: Solo Da Don

Rob Demare
Great video! Thanks for the insight...
Коментарий от: Rob Demare

xele fonte
(10:21) hits so beautifully. great video.
Коментарий от: xele fonte

Ben Shippin
I heard that story about 7-8 years ago about the cop. They had it cleaned up and the table running again in an hour and a half.
Коментарий от: Ben Shippin

Tiras Young
Came back to watch your video for a second time. Can't tell you how much I appreciate your honesty and candid explanation of your real life experience with the trills of gambling, the pitfalls of addiction and the unfortunate consequences that can result from not being able to control that lifestyle. Truth is the average person is simply not built for the gambling world and all that comes with it. Period. I'm really glad you had the self awareness and discipline to be able to step away from something you felt had the possibility to have a massively negative impact on your life. I'm really glad you're in a great space in life now and wish you nothing but health, peace and prosperity my brother. Hope this comment can help anyone else that may have gone through some the same experiences we have. Take Care and God Bless
Коментарий от: Tiras Young

Douglas Zimmermann
Mannn. All so interesting. Congrats on seeing what really matters to you in your life and following those thoughts. Family is way more rewarding.
Коментарий от: Douglas Zimmermann

Bruce Lee
Коментарий от: Bruce Lee

Chad Nollenberg
Anton, what was your Go-To craps strategy?
Коментарий от: Chad Nollenberg

Kenny Advocat
I got my first royal flush on video poker in that Detroit casino. Came pretty fast too! That's how they get you addicted. =/
Коментарий от: Kenny Advocat

Mike Owens
Amen Brother. I am down at MGM National Harbour
Коментарий от: Mike Owens

jack kim
I quit gambling cuz I was losing and running out of money. If I was winning I would have quit my job and go full time gambling
Коментарий от: jack kim

Simon Lellex
He is full of shit
Коментарий от: Simon Lellex

In the end unless you can have someone help hold onto the money you will end up losing everything!!
Коментарий от: G G

Remi 118
Unless you are an AP ( Advantage Player) there is no need for one to expect to win in a casino in the long run. Sure you can win in any given session , but not overall. If you wanna reverse the house edge and swing it towards you watch Holy Rollers on Amazon, watch Blackjack Apprenticeship on youtube with Colin Jones, watch gambling with an edge with Richard Munchkin on youtube. If you just want the rush one will lose and lose big. Advantage play is not hard you don’t have to be a math genius just 3rd grade math.
Коментарий от: Remi 118

Thomas Alvarez
Boxed Sweets , As In Candy ?
Коментарий от: Thomas Alvarez

G Man
I know this guy got drunk and decided to give up rap, craps, drugs, sex in 2020. On his way back from the Casino for the very last time, he was pulled over and shot 200 times by the police, true story!
Коментарий от: G Man

Great video loved it. I think you can pay for these things shows, events or food, shopping and spend less by 80% of your losses. It's a big addiction.
Коментарий от: cranberry411

Dave Depilot
Anton... I'm not sure if you'd be comfortable talking about this since it's personal. You mentioned how you started gambling at $150-200 bankroll, and then you fast forwarded to being a high roller making $5000 bets. How did you get to that level? Did you work for a company, own a business, etc and make good money? How did you make that much money where you could afford to lose thousands of dollars per session (not that you did)? Did you win the lottery? I understand if you aren't comfortable to tell the world. Thanks.
Коментарий от: Dave Depilot

Leggo My Ego
12:43 This! 1000% This. I find casinos to be one of the most depressing places on earth because you look at all the addicted people just sitting and staring at the screens. I've seen people hit jackpots and get upset because the machine locks up on big wins and they couldn't keep playing. That's how bad their addiction was.
Коментарий от: Leggo My Ego

Kristopher Sinishtaj
Коментарий от: Kristopher Sinishtaj

Big Corey
I have lost all my savings literally with in the last six weeks gambling everyday and I’ve never felt so down in my life and I just can’t believe how stupid I have been .. tens of thousands gone in weeks and took years and years to save .. can’t believe it .. I’m devastated.. I will never ever gamble again .. changed my life literally ..
Коментарий от: Big Corey

- 2018

Brah, call us again in two years to see if you're completely out of it.

Коментарий от: Einhander49

Casino Gambling is absolutely a losing game. My dad got into a lot of debt playing slots when he was in his late 60's. He was acting all zoned out all the time, you could tell something was wrong with him. Later I found out he was in the hole 25,000.00 in credit card debt from gambling. Yeah, it is his choice but when people get addicted, and most do, especially seniors, it's not them making the choice anymore, it is the addiction making the choice. I have always been FOR local casino gambling but not after what I have seen happen to my dad. And the people in the casinos are not the models and celebrities you see in the commercials, but instead, it is people blowing their entire disability or SSI check the day it comes in the mail. Where I live, in Arkansas, there are Indian Casinos all around us in Oklahoma.. it's a bad deal. Those that argue with my point are addicted to Casinos.
Коментарий от: synthartist69

Javier Bustamante
Gambling is sucks
High rollers are totally deceive.

Коментарий от: Javier Bustamante

Thank you. This video was very informational
Коментарий от: MyStiCxHacKzZ

GT500 2016
Excellent video
Коментарий от: GT500 2016

Bruce Kwak
Comment back for a small donation to get my 5 star pick . I was. 4. Four 4. Last week on sports 🏈 bets with a chance for me to share you my mega pick for a small donation. Yes we do have perks for you become a winner hold your head up high make $$$ feel good again
Коментарий от: Bruce Kwak

Scott Bishop
Casinos are not designed for us to win. Every bet has some amount of mathematical disadvantage for us, some bets are worse than others. If we flip a coin it is a 50/50 proposition. If we imagine flipping a coin and having a 40% chance of winning while the casino has 60% we can understand how every roll, hand, pull, spin or other action has a built in vigorance. Can you win? Yes however, the longer you play the worse it gets mathematically. Have to know when you've won or lost and "get the checkers to the window" Our perception of gambling is a huge factor. If it is understood for what it is then it is not as dangerous. Most gamblers have some method of play that they stick to, have to have discipline in your game. I play in sessions which do not use time as a factor, and always am looking for a winning streak while varying bets according to what is happening and what has not happened, and viewing it as interest on my money instead of some unrealistic expectation.
Коментарий от: Scott Bishop

Mara Vladic
Buy yourself something nice and say NO to gambling
Коментарий от: Mara Vladic

AMEN!!! 🖤💪🏽✅
Коментарий от: DWORLD2017

Let's be clear..."High Rollers" and "Whales" only get to that status by losing a ton of money.
Коментарий от: SAY WHAT??!!

Philo Math
Andrew Yang has the best plan for helping Americans deal with gambling addiction.

Коментарий от: Philo Math

Thank you for your story brother, I really appreciate it. I love moderation in all things I do, as the Gospel teaches. Self-control is one of the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5).
Коментарий от: JakeGraceAndGlory

The Bank always wins
Коментарий от: Sugarsnail

Do those perks go towards Sports bets or because the house has less advantage it takes a lot more or no comps because of reduced odds for the casinos?
Коментарий от: ownedbyc

Daron Abney
Took so much losses so I definitely learned my lesson trynna chase what I lost. But lemme tell you blackjack is my shhhhhhh 💯🤣💸
Коментарий от: Daron Abney

El Chino
I've only gambled in casinos once and that one time I lost a good amount of money so I left and never went back
Коментарий от: El Chino

Esther Sowell
Thumbs up tooo you best move to make God bless
Коментарий от: Esther Sowell

Davin Solomon
I’m 19 years old and I do sports gambling won 2,500 dollars and lost it in 2 weeks
Коментарий от: Davin Solomon

lucky jiggly wiggles
lol he has 45000.00 a month to blow....doubtfull
Коментарий от: lucky jiggly wiggles

lucky jiggly wiggles
you look like kind of a low roller to me
Коментарий от: lucky jiggly wiggles

Know your limits. Casinos can be fun, just go to have fun and if you win, great.
Коментарий от: washin4fun

Most high rollers have the money to loose. It's not about money, it's about winning.
Коментарий от: washin4fun

Chief Hngnblz
I m not a gambler at all but I stayed 1 month at the Hilton Las vegas in 1995 and played slots and at the end I lost $15.000
that was a great lesson, that time I met a guy and his wife who came from Hawa'ii, His name was john and was working in post office in Honolulu . so one night around 01 am and I came down and saw him playin the $5 slots and later he went to megabucks and I played the $5 .so suddeny I heard the bell and I walked to him and security guys started runnin towards us and they told me to step back and guarded him right away . John was covering his face and that time I knew he won a big one, the next day I found out that it was $14 million .he only used $9 ....lol

Коментарий от: Chief Hngnblz

Everything is designed to get you in a trance. I bet, no pun intended, that people who can't be hypnotized easily are the ones who don't get hooked.

Hence hypnosis imo is a good way to detox. Try it. I am.

Коментарий от: Daphne

Ginger Rose
Good for you. Thanks for sharing 😊
Коментарий от: Ginger Rose

Axum ገብረመድሂን
Thanks for this great video. I can't stop playing online live casino blackjack. After playing for 16 hours straight and turning $100 into $1,000, I get desensitized to money and end up back at zero. Even when I withdraw it, I put it right back in the next day. Recently, I turned $25 into $2,770, took me a week of back and forth, ups and downs and headaches... Then, I lost it all within an hour. It's just never enough.
Коментарий от: Axum ገብረመድሂን

I’ve always wondered how do they track you on a table game? Slots sure because it’s computerized but tables how?
Коментарий от: paulcyr22

Detroit Al Jerom
Well I been teaching people how to hit fast and pull out quick on Craps and Roulette.since I use to work at Greektown Casino starting back in 2004. I'm up over $300k now
Коментарий от: Detroit Al Jerom

Detroit Al Jerom
Didn't think you was a few years younger. Have not saw u in years
Коментарий от: Detroit Al Jerom

Detroit Al Jerom
Happy holidays big time. Thanks for posting this
Коментарий от: Detroit Al Jerom

Vltaliy Kryvolevych
i have casino 10 miles from my house and its so hard not to think about to go play,but thanks my wife that she told me that she will leave me if i not will start "controlling gambling" yea its hard
Коментарий от: Vltaliy Kryvolevych

Evil Gunz
I stick to poker tournaments, I only take enough to buy in 1 time. And leave all my credit/debit cards and my money at home. And I do good, but have my down swings. But with a small bankroll I can make it last for months with a win or cash a couple of times.
Коментарий от: Evil Gunz

Basem Sayed
I played in MGM for 12 hours average bet 100 dollars on bacarrat. I got 350 dollars comp to eat at Joel roubouchon restaurant. After couple days I lost 10 grabs in Caesar’s plalace on bacarrat and I got 50 dollars comps. Worst company ever is Caesars and shitty host
Коментарий от: Basem Sayed

Richard Rivera
Good! I heard Lucille Ballwas hooked & lost interest in gambling when the house told her the bets she wanted to make were to high for the casino.
Коментарий от: Richard Rivera

Richard Rivera
You played with your money or money you won?
Коментарий от: Richard Rivera

Demario Bolden
whup bro! How can I hit big at the casino?
Коментарий от: Demario Bolden

Sal Pagone
The more you win the more you play the more you play the more you lose!!!! Fact
Коментарий от: Sal Pagone

Layla Addow
If you’re in the casino you’re automatically a loser
Коментарий от: Layla Addow

Lol you didn't give it gambling up as a VIP you became broke and you can't play like that so you can have a choice but to lower yourself to a non VIP come on now
Коментарий от: Christa

Nisa Marie
I want to cry, hide, and die when I think about my losses. Gambling sucks!
Коментарий от: Nisa Marie

Just be smart. Only bring what u can afford to lose
Коментарий от: BeautiColors

Solomon James
I remember it clearly, grand west casino, 20 years old, head to roulette, never played before, saw a bunch of numbers figured the more bets the better, broke a R 100 ( $9) bet into ten R 10 bets. Somehow won R 800 ( $60) on my first go, when the dealer told me I won and how much I thought drinks sorted I'm outta here...they got their money back from the drinks I bought but I identified the danger immediately and never returned. Always thought poker is better but I won't put in the hours to challenge seasoned players. Nevertheless I've never gambled since my win
Коментарий от: Solomon James

Billy bill
ONE casino never to gamble at is the lil shit hoe box up at valley forge went there one night had huge bank $750 wantedtoplay craps I was charged $10 to go in this was to be used to eat at chitty cafe in casino when i asked about how to use one dope said thats for gift shop lol

SO i won $450 and guess what they couldnt give me any points on my card ...I said i been at this table 5 hours and you only rate me for 1 point.

SO i go eat and the food was horrible best thing was the diet soda.. SO this year i go back just for kicks with $5000 in hand

They say i had to pay $10 i flash the wad and say well you will not be getting any of my money inhere Guard calls me back wait a min hold up .

I flip him the bird and walked away. PUT video up on U tube but account was disabled any that it do not go gamble in valley forge casino

even the slots are set up for you to lose same slot machines i play at oither casinos there is differnt you have to bet 2X bet min.

and you cannot bet like smaller amonuts thats left on machine.

Коментарий от: Billy bill

Billy bill
OK i gamble casino regulary mostly on crap tables and some slot play ................. NOW i ahve built up $10,000 bank roll and 5 days a week play craps I buy in for $500 and play in 3 hour shifts longest is 9 hours in one casino my sytem is built to guarantee me a win at laest $75 per hour

Think about this a minute i have 9 casinos in AC New jerseys 5 of them here near me in PA one in delawre 35 miles south and now in 2020 new one in my area just abouyt half a mile from my door


5 days a week average win is $350 $1750 per week tax free X 52 weeks = $91,000 a year TAX free money

THE only thing that i pay taxes on is MY Investments which now are clocking in monthly at insane $5500 a month

HI new age old man over 60 having fun now not working for some other rich man. ONLY thing is standing at crap tables all them hours

SO i get hi back chair and sit and just place my bets without shooting the dice .........i read into other players emotions and know when to get on a hot shooter. OR just bet the Dont pass and not make the place bet on the number.

This is called doey don't system look it up here on you tube. One thing YOU Never want to do is win Thousands per day at any game on casino floor they will ban you. I know three people who cannot play in vegas anywher for being greedy they coud have settled for small wins daily like i do and look at long term.

BUT NOOOOO these dopes went gang bust in 3 months and won millons each.

91 K a year in 10 years is $910,000 thousand dollars how much you make at your 40hour aweek J O B even if high salary $50,000 a year

your still maybe able to have a nice house and car but most of your time is spent working to be able to afford that mortgage on that $250,000 k home you bought.

BUT here in america is far better than other countries . i havent made $91,000 working the past 20 years really im not joking.

Wish i found out this system 20 years ago

Коментарий от: Billy bill

people chuck big lumps on the table for a big lump back, but that ends up being your lively hood eventually, then you lose your lively hood on one hand/roll of the dice or spin or whatever. and who wouldnt wanna blow their brains out losing there life savings.
Коментарий от: morgan

gambling is fun, were all gonna do it. but you've got clarity
Коментарий от: morgan

Samtin Dorjee
In casino! if you win, you need more and when you lose, you want your money back.. somehow you keep trying and lose everything you have.. No one get rich by playing gambling.. Better to stay away from gambling and enjoy your life..
Коментарий от: Samtin Dorjee

Lol "free" you have paid for those box suites and front row seats well before they gave you them for "free" come on now. No one wins long term on tables its statistically impossible
Коментарий от: Benji

Jesse cumbee
Consistent winner at BJ. Love 2 deck
Коментарий от: Jesse cumbee

greg burger
Last time i played cards was last year and i was totally distracted and got my chips stolen by this black/white prositute that i wasnt planning to buy. I threw my chips in the air and the indians came tase me and took pictures of me laying down with my thong showing.
Коментарий от: greg burger

Giovanni Soluri
Great video... anyone can win, but can you walk away? That’s the question. For some it’s gambling. For others it could be the stock market. Point is walking away before you become addicted or greedy is the key. I won the bad beat jackpot playing poker at the horseshoe casino in Hammond Indiana. My share $100,000 ended up being a blessing in the best way possible. It took the fun out of gambling because betting $25-$50 was no longer fun. I won almost 3 years ago, opened a business and have only been back to play poker twice. I’m glad I never got addicted and I’m blessed with the money I won!
Коментарий от: Giovanni Soluri

Jordan Westfield
I make $30,000 a month from gambling I'm 21.Also bought my own apartment building
Коментарий от: Jordan Westfield

Mr Laughing Man-Fuji
Been there done that... no fun anymore... we all started out as hero’s...

I was Batman... he was Ironman... other guy was flash... another σηє was Superman... the game of choice was baccarat... One by one we all started to drop off... bankroll problem I guess or life changes... Today... I’m the only σηe left... I still play baccarat to win $1000 a day and walk away... and mostly spend my time at the poker table...
Baccarat is very stressful so I balance my relaxation with poker... I feel like is no fun anymore... traveling to Vegas twice a month to go gamble... I have a couple of businesses and passive income therefore Im not worried about money...

Now I’m here watching video on YouTube... about gambling... I’m asking myself the “why” now...

“Why we gamble” 🤷🏽‍♂️
“Why I gamble”🤔

Коментарий от: Mr Laughing Man-Fuji

Daniel Johnson
Really appreciate your sharing. Great job explaining the addictive personality and how we are all in or or all out. It will help those that don’t understand the black and white views we have
Коментарий от: Daniel Johnson

Did u make good money on craps? I mean, craps is only played by the smartest people!
Коментарий от: BIG BOSS

Got to tell you guys, I am 18. I liked playing poker since 15, and this year from june to end of september i made around 14.000-15.000 dollars and today i have nothing. I did not lose all the money or played any other of them but I said to myself that I need to stop. It is very hard not to think about playing but I got to say, I wish I invested them in a crypto or smthing instead of playing and buying shit stuff with them.
Коментарий от: Gestapo

willie luncheonette
very cool video....thank you... Here in NYC since legalized gambling in NJ the sports radio shows air one gambling commercial after another.....
Коментарий от: willie luncheonette