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Thanks for viewing this video :)
If you have questions/feedback, let me know in YouTube comments.

Коментарий от: Kurumi

I like the breast the most
It's very big :))

Коментарий от: Blood

Hot <3
Коментарий от: Smoku

Michael Clark
God this is soo great to listen too
Коментарий от: Michael Clark

warum ist ihr Gesicht so verschwommen xD xD xD
Коментарий от: freandtuber

Benedict Catubig
Who is this 2 gorgous anime girls?
Коментарий от: Benedict Catubig

I love kurumi. =)
Коментарий от: OsmarH

Michael Pillet
Did you take inspiration from Akame ga Kill?
Коментарий от: Michael Pillet

bob by
sexsy good like
Коментарий от: bob by

bob by
Коментарий от: bob by

kuti gamer
like si eres chileno y escuchas esto en tu pc
Коментарий от: kuti gamer

I love the picture can you send me link
Коментарий от: sweet

janis mertens
gays where you get this pictures???
Коментарий от: janis mertens

David Emahiser
Something tells me they're not real cops..
Коментарий от: David Emahiser

I really like this mix, it's really good! ^^
Коментарий от: Wild

SuPeR 34h
1000hz on my ears is nothing a imagen my eyes ...
Коментарий от: SuPeR 34h

Nani Nerd
Nice Background and songs that I have never heard(which is really good for me) love the video thx for uploading :)

Gimme a Heart <3

Коментарий от: Nani Nerd

Anime Crazy
Nice music 🎶 😎 😍
Коментарий от: Anime Crazy

Izuna Uchiha
Коментарий от: Izuna Uchiha

nic Playlist but.
Коментарий от: ownRyZe

Дмитрий Филин
ПРИКОЛЬНАЯ МУЗЯКА я подписался +)+high=()=
Коментарий от: Дмитрий Филин

TV Anime
give u sub :'D
Коментарий от: TV Anime

Squi Rerl
Коментарий от: Squi Rerl

dan harbor
not egnough energy in the mix left during the first song max volume didnt even help it
Коментарий от: dan harbor

Cong Vu
Коментарий от: Cong Vu

Bro Why So Dificult
i lost. kreygasm
Коментарий от: Bro Why So Dificult

love the mix and the wallpaper with D.Va
Коментарий от: ICEboNe93

Pkeeno Pirralho
Коментарий от: Pkeeno Pirralho

Fellarion. 94
diva and ahri in adult :)
Коментарий от: Fellarion. 94

Duxless MLG
Thanks you!!! Nice music!!!
Коментарий от: Duxless MLG

Sabishi Kun
Awesome 😎😍
Коментарий от: Sabishi Kun

Nightcore Music x Tohka Music x Anime Music
Amazing 👍
Коментарий от: Nightcore Music x Tohka Music x Anime Music

MatuGamePlay Pro
Nice mix
Коментарий от: MatuGamePlay Pro

Shido Music Relax
wow good good ♥️
Коментарий от: Shido Music Relax

Kai'sa Dragfer
Ahri <3
Коментарий от: Kai'sa Dragfer

Javier Galarza
If you can' see the DevianArt image you have to create an account and go to settings, browsing and enable the mature content option.
Коментарий от: Javier Galarza

St4ck b4lx
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#gamingmix #musicmix #gamingmusic
Лучший музыкальный микс 2019 ♫ Gaming Music x 1 Hour Gaming Mix ♫ Trap, House, Dubstep, EDMЛучший музыкальный микс 2019 ♫ игровая музыка ♫ Trap x House x Dubstep x EDM
54 952 просмотра•17 нояб. 2019 г.23 нояб. 2019 г.

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21,8 тыс. подписчиков21,8 тыс. подписчиков
Лучший музыкальный микс 2019 ♫ игровая музыка ♫ Trap x House x Dubstep x EDM
Лучший музыкальный микс 2019 ♫ игровая музыка ♫ Trap x House x Dubstep x EDM

Коментарий от: St4ck b4lx

Nightcore Sakura
New subescriber 👍😁
Коментарий от: Nightcore Sakura

WolfoTheWolf 22
Damnnn that pic tho....lol keep up the good work!
Коментарий от: WolfoTheWolf 22

Noire Nightcore
Awesome work my dear friend 💞
Коментарий от: Noire Nightcore

Công Vũ
❤❤Edm,Dubstep is the best
Коментарий от: Công Vũ

O wow, o wow, o wow!!
These uploads so quick are awsome, ty!

Коментарий от: VVolfz

Those music enhanced my imagine, nice nice nice nice nice!
Коментарий от: FuzkerSama

Коментарий от: CAMILO GAMER

I came for the picture, but i'm staying for the music :)
Коментарий от: Leong

Musabek Samiev
~ Gg WoW ~ i'm ~` WolF`~ HAHAHAHEHehea
Коментарий от: Musabek Samiev


#1 - 00:00 | Cjbeards - In My Heart
#2 - 03:21 | 2nd Life & Oscar N - Love On Fire
#3 - 05:34 | Airmow & Rubika - Final Call (feat. Linn Sandin)
#4 - 08:25 | Apollo Rising - Fool's Gold
#5 - 12:10 | Defqwop - Forty Below (feat. Jenny K)
#6 - 15:46 | DJVI - Lonely Diva
#7 - 18:51 | Justin Klyvis - Stay
#8 - 21:32 | Kerusu - Now and Forever
#9 - 24:48 | Mind Invaders & Joan Ember - Different (feat. Veronica Bravo)
#10 - 28:15 | Oceans On Fire - With Time
#11 - 32:19 | Venus Theory - The New Divide
#12 - 36:40 | Arc North - Catch Me When I Fall (feat. Sarah De Warren)
#13 - 39:33 | ARMD & Dax - Roses (feat. Aitana Vega)
#14 - 43:07 | Gidexen - Obsidian (feat. Stephen Geisler)
#15 - 45:32 | King CAAN - Go Again (feat. ELYSA)
#16 - 48:30 | King CAAN - Silence (feat. James Ty)
#17 - 51:41 | Rival X Cadmium - Thinking About You (feat. Johnning)
#18 - 54:47 | LAZRDASH - Hardships (feat. JZeta)
#19 - 58:00 | Damon Empero - Emotions
#20 - 01:03:18 | ItsBoston - CHARGE
#21 - 01:07:13 | Spectrum - Lost My Way (feat. Alina Sona)

Коментарий от: Kurumi

GYTSON gomes
muito bom
Коментарий от: GYTSON gomes

Rebbecah Israel
Love it 💙 💝💛 🎼🎵 🎶
Коментарий от: Rebbecah Israel

nice Music again
Коментарий от: LS Teo YT

g vriend van de buurt
Yes some more hot fire music thx <3 keep up the good work
Коментарий от: g vriend van de buurt

Mike bialko
Коментарий от: Mike bialko

Tấn Trần
my year born was 1998, but devianart said me didn't enough years old, i can't saw the thumbnail, i'm 22, why ????
Коментарий от: Tấn Trần

Aswin Mc
Omg Kurumi this is fire
Коментарий от: Aswin Mc

Коментарий от: Tagme

Коментарий от: 사탄

Ahmet Erdem
Коментарий от: Ahmet Erdem

Geming BOY14
Love it so much 😎😎😎👍👍🔥🔥🎧❤️❤️💘😍❤️💘🔥🎧❤️
Коментарий от: Geming BOY14

Mael Poupin
Dva and ??
Коментарий от: Mael Poupin