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The Grand Sound
We're back with Vol. #4 of our Best Progressive Trance mixing series, featuring our favorite tracks of the genre. 💕🎶
It's a huge pleasure for us to share this wonderful music with you all, thanks for your support! 🤗

Коментарий от: The Grand Sound

Thanks, I listen to these while editing
Коментарий от: KDBBM

Máximo Lasso
Wow! thanks for the support! 28:15 <3
Коментарий от: Máximo Lasso

Małgorzata Skórska
Beautiful selection.. Thank you for all your work so far, The Grand Sound 💖
Коментарий от: Małgorzata Skórska

(this is a joke)

Коментарий от: llXxSilverPhoenixxXll

Designer ProPHECY
AMST - Mechtat blowing me away. Ron with leeds + Neon Street makes a great Trio with that.
Коментарий от: Designer ProPHECY

Moonfire Official
Great and inspirational!!😊
Коментарий от: Moonfire Official

Jakub Celý
Very beautiful.
Коментарий от: Jakub Celý

Arcenionorberto Oliveira
subscrevi no ano passado, e nao tenho do que me arrepender Grand Sound, voces sao os maiores, adoro os sons,muito relaxantes!!!!!
Коментарий от: Arcenionorberto Oliveira

Ray Metal
my favorite's at 21:50
Коментарий от: Ray Metal

Huff Huff
Loveee ittt! Nothing better then my coffee and this on my morning commutes!
Коментарий от: Huff Huff

Abhishek Pali
I cannot describe in words how much lucky i am to listen this incredible mix. Totally blessed. Thankyou artists and TGS.
Коментарий от: Abhishek Pali

Коментарий от: Atrelex

Well this set was awesome thank you 😊🙏🏻
Коментарий от: [ GTA5 GLITCHER ]

Galleguillos bike, trance, fun & disco
Guille Van Bart is dancing!
Коментарий от: Galleguillos bike, trance, fun & disco

Hakan Uzun
You're super, The Grand Sound, and you're the Progressive House master.🤗🇹🇷🎛️🎧🎵
Коментарий от: Hakan Uzun

Instinto Urbano
Коментарий от: Instinto Urbano

Prabal Abedin
Treat to my ears
Коментарий от: Prabal Abedin

Коментарий от: IKKE ZABRINE Channel

Коментарий от: TN

Lots of good tracks on here, but I'm resonating with tracks 9, 10 and definitely 23. Skua -Suburban Sunrise (track 23) definitely needs more views; it's fantastic.
Коментарий от: Navigata

AMST - Mechtat = top fundamental track, massive sound!
Коментарий от: ohmguru81

hater hater
Muito bom som
Коментарий от: hater hater

Thank you for your mixing
Коментарий от: DMZ

Ven Mirone
Finally you back with trance :)
Коментарий от: Ven Mirone

Alessandro Lima
I love Progressive Trance...
🇧🇷 BRAZIL 🇧🇷

Коментарий от: Alessandro Lima

Forever Madridista
Amazing mix <3
Коментарий от: Forever Madridista

Ivan Ivan
годно.всем добра
Коментарий от: Ivan Ivan

Вашумать, этож класические миксы Radio1 1999-2000 годов, и напоминает отдельные тусовки типа Sun Dance Music Fest 2003, КАКИЕ БЫЛИ ВРЕМЕНА У МЕНЯ!!!
Коментарий от: ohmguru81

Lucas Ferreira
Som dos deuses! Mais algum BR por aqui?
Коментарий от: Lucas Ferreira

Randy S
Коментарий от: Randy S

MR. PC Professor
beautiful mix music..
Коментарий от: MR. PC Professor

kemal soysuz
bu tarz müzikler hoşuma gidiyor insan stres atıyor birazda RAKI olunca
Коментарий от: kemal soysuz

Trance Music
very good set
Коментарий от: Trance Music

евген кнауф
Коментарий от: евген кнауф

Steve Milner
The best music channel on the internet. Thank you, The Grand Sound! You absolutely rock my world!!
Коментарий от: Steve Milner

lourenco aureliano
Коментарий от: lourenco aureliano

lourenco aureliano
Como de hábito, obrigado pelo vosso excelente trabalho, faixas bem muito bem organizadas, é prazer ouvir este encadiamento de mixas sou fan dos vossos volumes Trance Mix....
Коментарий от: lourenco aureliano

Daniel Garcia souza
Show Stars LTN 😀👈🎼I'll Be There for you 🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼👍music Melody trance yessssssssss 😆👏👏👏
Коментарий от: Daniel Garcia souza

Arnaud Troesch
Trance music is the reason that I've subscribed to your channel.
Коментарий от: Arnaud Troesch

Width.Sound Music
Liked dear friend, best regards
Коментарий от: Width.Sound Music

Thanx TGS ! 🥂🍾😁👂
Коментарий от: Dascylus

Артём Григорьев
Потрясающая музыка, играет без остановки весь день, спасибо! 👍
Коментарий от: Артём Григорьев

Augusto Elberti
Es excelente, hermoso
Коментарий от: Augusto Elberti

Trance K Blade
I’m loving it
Коментарий от: Trance K Blade

chad caballero
great, love it!
Коментарий от: chad caballero

UnitedWeStand ___music
Коментарий от: UnitedWeStand ___music

Артем Счастный
Начало волшебное👍
Коментарий от: Артем Счастный

Amazing mix! super powerful and uplifting ... Thank you for great set for the week ..I love you Grand Sound and you know that
Коментарий от: Lenamusic

This is beautiful!
Коментарий от: Litonix

I've been following you since 2012, and your mixes are still as great as ever, Thanks for what you're doing, Keep it up like that !
Коментарий от: AuraKai

Noah Boyer
Love these songs. And I just wanted to give a big thank you to The Grand Sound for all of these beautiful and relaxing songs! Love you so so much!
Коментарий от: Noah Boyer

Thomas Ahearn
Still listening to the 2013 mix lmao. Loves it
Коментарий от: Thomas Ahearn

Pankaj Wasnik
Super Awesome music 🙌
Коментарий от: Pankaj Wasnik

#Miyo #
I am the 3 comment and I love your channel so much
Коментарий от: #Miyo #

Ouertani Niso
Коментарий от: Ouertani Niso