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Коментарии Abcpokerinfo betclic casino

Shannon Chin
No way did he just put over 2 mill in a slot machine??? If so, he didn't really win shit
Коментарий от: Shannon Chin

I am just thinking how long it would take to put 2 million dollars into a slot machine? Let´s take 100$ bills, and one bill every 10 seconds, then it would take about 55 hours only to put the money in the machine. Sounds fun!
Коментарий от: Yekkt

Antonio Loyola
1 believe 11k the spin 12.5k a spin too much ahh,ahh.😑
Коментарий от: Antonio Loyola

Sovern Vann
All that money but can’t afford a 4K camera video blurry ass hell
Коментарий от: Sovern Vann

U Elrington
Is he really betting big ??? Can't read his machine properly !!!!!!!
Коментарий от: U Elrington

Petra Robles
Коментарий от: Petra Robles

President Vincent Wilson II
You sad, worthless, drunk, scamming ass pile of shit
Коментарий от: President Vincent Wilson II

Squid Six-Nine
How about you eat a couple spins and buy me a house
Коментарий от: Squid Six-Nine

Your a fucking loser dude. Fake as your mothers boobs. Should have kept letting your uncle fuck you so you could have written a book and made real money
Коментарий от: Trottotrot

filthy animal
I smell shit
Коментарий от: filthy animal

I won about 6 billion last night..... on my computer like you did. 🖕🖕🖕🖕
Коментарий от: flipnotrab

Leigh Matthews
This guy is on drugs. Trying to trick us. Shame on you prick!
Коментарий от: Leigh Matthews

Hernan Quinonez
Suffering from what hahaha loser play with real money that’s real creative I’ll rather play a buck a spin then play with fake credits .👎👎👎👎💯💯💯
Коментарий от: Hernan Quinonez

This guy is retarded. He is betting 1c per credit. lol
Коментарий от: SMASH MONSTER

ahmed allah
This is nothing for me i bet a lot more than this cheap mf
Коментарий от: ahmed allah

Verry Nice
Hahahahahahaha 2 millions dicks in your ass
Коментарий от: Verry Nice

Cherry Bacon
Коментарий от: Cherry Bacon

Christopher Krebs
Casino machines wiil not have a click to change denom .this a pc screen.
Коментарий от: Christopher Krebs

Michael Serrano
super fake
Коментарий от: Michael Serrano

I miss Danny.......His were the first videos I watched......
Коментарий от: AmyBethB

Akeem Williams
If you read the description it'll tell you it's not real lol
Коментарий от: Akeem Williams

Коментарий от: lukevn1

Awesome video!
Коментарий от: HIGH LIMIT SLOTS

He sounds drunk.
Коментарий от: arielatomhc

D. Marie
You are pathetic!!! EVERYONE has caught on to you and knows you are a SCAM!
Коментарий от: D. Marie

Baddest Bitch
You never hear this moron hitting the button what a joke !!!!!!
Коментарий от: Baddest Bitch

Коментарий от: G G

Ahmad Michman
dude get a life come on
Коментарий от: Ahmad Michman

Andrew Ma
How do you put $2million dollars into a slot machine?
Коментарий от: Andrew Ma

Jorden MC
Homeless poor guy...a men~~~
Коментарий от: Jorden MC

Terry Smith
Can you plz pick me up and take me to casino and give me money to play ? my bucket list lol
Коментарий от: Terry Smith

The video doesn't trick anyone who knows. And people who don't know think it's cool. I got no problem with it.
Коментарий от: Mr. CLAWS

Kris Green
stop putting your fake crap on here
Коментарий от: Kris Green

John RedCorn
Where is the cash out video
Коментарий от: John RedCorn

Fiula Williams
Your a fake ass fuck
Коментарий от: Fiula Williams

tarzan tarzan
go learn mathematic!!🤣🤣
Коментарий от: tarzan tarzan

Kid Basic
12,500$ a spin yeah right lol
Коментарий от: Kid Basic

Veganista Lifestyle
So fake this man is playing in the comfort of his own home on his computer lol, hence why u don’t see and background and he got all these sound effects going to seem like he is in a casino. Lol okay pal good try
Коментарий от: Veganista Lifestyle

Ciprian Mahnoved
Mars date draq
Коментарий от: Ciprian Mahnoved

hori walker
I want what you're smoking or drinkin
Коментарий от: hori walker

White Pride
What a stupid hack. No life
Коментарий от: White Pride

eddie reynoza
Fake computer video
Коментарий от: eddie reynoza

CA 10
This guy playing fake slot in computer
Коментарий от: CA 10

A man has to know his limits! I would just walk away after winning that I wouldn’t want to lose it either!
Коментарий от: Vman

Butta Smuv
I dont get it, if you already have millions why in the fuck are you playing slot machines?
Коментарий от: Butta Smuv

Dillinger Sam
Great Videos Brother
Very enjoyable to watch
Encore 😎😄😎😄

Коментарий от: Dillinger Sam

These machines don’t give out million dollar tickets
This Guy is a Freaking Fake Ass Loser
All his videos are games you play online
They aren’t real winnings people
Don’t be fooled by this bullshit
It’s not Real !


wild man
Apparently he's loaded but can't afford a video camera better than a potato.
Коментарий от: wild man

Bythelake 123
Fake as shit
Коментарий от: Bythelake 123

george murray
you aint playing shit you broke nigga
Коментарий от: george murray

Коментарий от: plicslac

Arlette M
Коментарий от: Arlette M

Steve Cohen
fake. he's on a computer. in some of hte picking videos you can hear the mouse click. He pipes in the same fake casino sounds in all of the videos. Get a life
Коментарий от: Steve Cohen

Toa Mataafa
Get real jack...stop dreaming.
Коментарий от: Toa Mataafa

Beff Jaker
Why do you block out everything but the tablet slot game? Horrible I'm reporting you
Коментарий от: Beff Jaker

Kerry Tran
This guy is dreaming too hard LMFAO
Коментарий от: Kerry Tran

peiguy canada
The highest jackpot ever won on a slot machine was over $39 million.He claims many times on videos won over that especially the one where he wins over a hundred million.FAKE
Коментарий от: peiguy canada

bill Velucci
They cant even add right. Their penny machines with fake amounts infront of real denominatio
Коментарий от: bill Velucci

Yer Vang
there's a lot of real slot channel and you posting fake as video on your channel shame on you.
Коментарий от: Yer Vang

Fake like most.
Коментарий от: LoveAddict69

John Armstead
top of the day friend, please call me 7028156050,thank you my name is John
Коментарий от: John Armstead

Fake money x fake money = fake money
Коментарий от: TheIdiotChallenge

John Rey Rodriguez Saavedra
cojudezas eres un pobre pelado
Коментарий от: John Rey Rodriguez Saavedra

David Brallier
dude your videos suck. they are fake
Коментарий от: David Brallier

Joe Devitt
This would be great if it was a real slot machine.
Коментарий от: Joe Devitt

Luther Murdock II
Not sure what to think
Коментарий от: Luther Murdock II