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Коментарии Lopers speed shop phoenix az casinos

andrew wohlfart
Folds QQ pre. That is a sick soul read. How do you get away from that?
Коментарий от: andrew wohlfart

Eduardo Soriano Barboza
Коментарий от: Eduardo Soriano Barboza

Dogukan D. Taylanli
what's total player count on a 100k tournament? jw
Коментарий от: Dogukan D. Taylanli

Erik Vd Ven
Joe is the biggest cringelord ever, most boring person in the world
Коментарий от: Erik Vd Ven

Beki XxXx
This shit call with 92 what shity donk is this stupid maroko player
Коментарий от: Beki XxXx

Murcia Robinson
17x buy in for first place
Коментарий от: Murcia Robinson

BlackCatt _
11:30 oh pls...
Коментарий от: BlackCatt _

Limps kings doesnt re-raises cheks 3 times.... wtf
Коментарий от: mightybatillo

Shinji Asai
13:09 Nice fold
Коментарий от: Shinji Asai

Jonathan Holdt
Fatehi is a pro poker player? He is probably the easiest person to read ever. Terrible poker player
Коментарий от: Jonathan Holdt

25:25 ole owned that guy so bad it’s a fucking joke.
Коментарий от: TrickTappic

M Voorst
Really bad call 37.30 from schemion a 10 off
Коментарий от: M Voorst

randy eastman
full house the guy has so many tells
Коментарий от: randy eastman

Jennifer 6strings
Yup good fold...
I've dun it.

Коментарий от: Jennifer 6strings

Anus Jeke
21:30 that fold was insane. There was only 1 Q left in the deck he had no chance !
Коментарий от: Anus Jeke

Apurv Salunke
Wut Da faq... That binnesmen cashed 800k 🤨🤔😑
Коментарий от: Apurv Salunke

Davies Sidney
The hand that ends here 30:28, contrast how he UAE guy plays when he doesn't have it vs how he played that first hand where he flopped 3 Jacks. When he has it he is very pensive, when he doesn't have it, he has snap reactions. Now I want to believe the pros at the table picked that up and each of them paid him faux compliments after getting the best of him on both hands. The reverse psychology is brilliant.
Коментарий от: Davies Sidney

robert watling
I realize it's all about the players, secondarily the commentators, but I really like the first dealer on this segment.
Коментарий от: robert watling

Alaeh alaeh
Stupid Greenwood!
Коментарий от: Alaeh alaeh

Lenty boi
Love Mustapha, such a funny guy
Коментарий от: Lenty boi

Cuestiones Del ahora
Kk vs 92 lol he playa like an idiot in that hand. ..
Коментарий от: Cuestiones Del ahora

rafael nascimento bernardino
pokertsrs quero voltar a jogar ? tem como ?
Коментарий от: rafael nascimento bernardino

Sparfuchs _
Why do they shove so quickly
Коментарий от: Sparfuchs _

Michael Frandsen
Kannit is a baller
Коментарий от: Michael Frandsen

That kanit dude needs a haircut.. bad
Коментарий от: iM HaZY

Dizzy Sleeper TV
Watching rich people just spew their chips is painful to watch... seriously this game could be mistaken for a 1.10 multi on poker stars
Коментарий от: Dizzy Sleeper TV

Loyal Line
OF COURSE HE'S GOING TO CALL DOWN with Ace high... Y'all done split the pot and are ONLY playing for an additional $50K plus Title so the risk is at a minimum seeing how most of The Reward is already guaranteed. I think He would have folded that Ace high hand if they had not come to that agreement...
Коментарий от: Loyal Line

Dahryl1380 Erguiza
noob fateh haha
Коментарий от: Dahryl1380 Erguiza

I hate that QQ fold so so much. I know Ole raised utg but 4 bet folding is just not optimal. What was he trying to accomplish?
Коментарий от: onlyweatherlol93

Awful fold with QQ... I know he's a top player, short term it's a good fold... Long term it's absolutely terrible
Коментарий от: onlyweatherlol93

Mark Buckley
Igor was so salty when he was talking about Kanit, I love it
Коментарий от: Mark Buckley

Loo Sir Wei
wtf... champion and runner up prize pool not much different also....
Коментарий от: Loo Sir Wei

Tobias Georgi
Does Shemion need glasses? Seems like he has real trouble recognizing the cards on the board:D
Коментарий от: Tobias Georgi

eddy verbadem
indian dude was a rich gambler plain and simple i have seen dudes at 1/2 do the same thing and throw money away but if u have the money to do it then it seems pretty awesome and u guys dont realize that hes in the money he made 400k
Коментарий от: eddy verbadem

"you never get xr, and...bum-bum" borat voice I LIKE
Коментарий от: doyouknodewae

Neil M
Aargh! I can't stand Boeree! Groupie!
Коментарий от: Neil M

Alan Convey
That pocket Queens fold from kannit was pure class👌👌👌👌😎😎😎😎
Коментарий от: Alan Convey

Marco Lee
Fatehi bet so fast without thinking every time he bluffs, it was so obvious lol
Коментарий от: Marco Lee

Wow, that hand Schemion vs Newey... Intense.
Коментарий от: BestPokerCoaching

Greenwoods play with KK was terrible, what is he doing in this High Roller ?
Коментарий от: Frendo

Allan Ferro
Onde eu posso achar esse EPT com narração em Pt-Br?
Коментарий от: Allan Ferro

it would be Maria Ho btw....
Коментарий от: JPatrick1983

zachariah Kane
Stapleton is Robin Williams
Коментарий от: zachariah Kane

Seriously every time Stapleton speaks I want to turn off the video. Please fire that moron.
Коментарий от: JTBoonartlu

Rodrigo Alves
Nice hand fatehi
Коментарий от: Rodrigo Alves

Ole shemion sick player. He is so good. Mustafa btw played very nice too.
Коментарий от: Poker4Pros

nice watch kanit
Коментарий от: sweetbrownlol

mustapha is a f'n beast
Коментарий от: lordfashion

Jacob Rogers
'"He's going to do a ted talk. DominaTED."

The color commentator should be shot.

Коментарий от: Jacob Rogers

Schemion makes not one but TWO ace high call downs, and BOTH times he only used 1 card. A one card, ace high call down, twice. In the fucking zone much?
Коментарий от: czechrebel

Best episode ever.
Коментарий от: czechrebel

Mohd Amini
Fatehi is awesome
Коментарий от: Mohd Amini

seriously though I know these guys are good but how often is their success in poker just down to terrible plays with great timing? A lot, a whole freaking lot. Like defending Q6 suited vs a recreational and known tight players UTG raise.
Коментарий от: JPatrick1983

It would not be Steve O'dwyer, it would be someone capable of expressing positive emotions.
Коментарий от: JPatrick1983

Adam Mangler
Monte Carlo is a really nice place to visit, if you get the chance. The casino is really swish, and casual visitors must be properly dressed. The harbor and the yachts are really worth a look; and the restaurants.
Коментарий от: Adam Mangler

What in the actual hell has happened to the commentary? We're not 12. Please let us enjoy the game. I lasted until "swag" and am watching the rest on mute
Коментарий от: Perceptional

Daniel Smedegaard Buus
What's with these poker stars videos... Colors are off, and the blacks non-existent. You'd think they knew the first thing about video production...
Коментарий от: Daniel Smedegaard Buus

Richard Chan 0
20:00 Schemion KK vs Kanit QQ - epic play
Коментарий от: Richard Chan 0

Rod Snyder
I don't really like them being able to split the money. It definitely changes the play at the end and takes a lot of the drama out of it.
Коментарий от: Rod Snyder

Welther Marmol
how kanit folds QQs shows why these guys are considered the best in the world
Коментарий от: Welther Marmol

why the fuck I can tell who is going to win at every hand, just because of 2 retarded anchors
Коментарий от: deadeyesox

love these events, everyone already has enough money that they are just chilled and jokey- much better viewing than the uber serous lower stakes events a lot of the time.
Коментарий от: georgetaylor100

Artur Lapurinsh
9:23 Who is this beautiful lady?
Коментарий от: Artur Lapurinsh

Phillip Oliver Holtz
lets make a buyin limited to basically nobody, then all form a jerk circle about how good we are, lets call it the super high roller.
Коментарий от: Phillip Oliver Holtz

Commentator is a douche bag. He is the funniest guy he knows........terrible jokes - almost unwatchable!
Коментарий от: TIPDOG

mmmm Lasagna, can i have some please?
Коментарий от: Mouslinelol

Sand Beaver
this was OLD!
Коментарий от: Sand Beaver

Elijah Matson
"A reading from the book of shwag", lolz
Коментарий от: Elijah Matson

guanaco mofo
I wonder if Liv goes to the orgy tent at burning man
Коментарий от: guanaco mofo

FATEHI was a class act.
Коментарий от: iiRetro1

Nathalie D

Коментарий от: Nathalie D

POKERSTARS where we upload old shit on a daily basis. Unsub..Anyone in management reading this i am available for hire

I remember, when the coverage had 5 episodes and i was really entertaining to watch, now it just feels really underwhelming, coming so late, not even showing some eliminations and it all just kind of feels meh.
Коментарий от: TadeTade

7:00 q mal jugados los reyes por dios,que menos q betear turn
Коментарий от: Albertto

three barrels does not win tournaments.. A high do.
Коментарий от: marciks

jjmorte morte
Fuck you USA
Fucker players poker..
I love terrorism !
Fucking Losers

Коментарий от: jjmorte morte

Beto Mazeron
Who can give me a little help, I'm unbanked. You can find me and add me on facebook too. My nick on Pokerstars is: Beto Mazeron
Коментарий от: Beto Mazeron

Cosmik Debris
10:10 denied
Коментарий от: Cosmik Debris

21:20 great fold
Коментарий от: S K

Kanit zgól koper :d
Коментарий от: Boldizsár

R.L Dherviel
like XD
Коментарий от: R.L Dherviel

Big Fish Theory
21:30 this is such a beautiful fold
Коментарий от: Big Fish Theory

Man, few calls from Shamian were soo sick!
Коментарий от: omffffgggfffgggfff

i like ole schemion... but he really needs to cut that stupid beard
Коментарий от: 余柏霆

Marco Bento
Such a chill guy for a person who win 1.5M in a cards game ☘
Коментарий от: Marco Bento

Schemion in final table? What a surprise
Коментарий от: vewrvgtr

Where is Negreanu? :(
Коментарий от: oskpott

Ben Wallace
holy that businessman was a bigger fish than in my 1/2 game...
Коментарий от: Ben Wallace

This was such an amazing video!
Коментарий от: Darryl

на 8 минуте алень тупой на доске комбо-дро он слоуплей КК с флопа, вот и слил
Коментарий от: Raketa

17:32 LOL Similar looks
Коментарий от: 1985gvs

Sam Brown
why does Schemion transform into a homeless guy
Коментарий от: Sam Brown

Tom van Bergen
What is a gut shot?
Коментарий от: Tom van Bergen

Fathur Ys
correction: ali reza fatehi from Iran
Коментарий от: Fathur Ys

Lim Shengyuan
that call with ace high won it
Коментарий от: Lim Shengyuan