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jose santos
The question should’ve been asked is he still getting paid
Коментарий от: jose santos

Dondatta Ford
This keystone chief basically says we see some of the poorly behaved keystone cops and nothing happened this case involving a deceased woman is outrageous and watch how long the criminal charges take to get this idiot behind bars
Коментарий от: Dondatta Ford

Police are sick psychopaths
Коментарий от: FUCKTHESYSTEM70

Bill Horrobin
Standard's do you know what that means , STOP going round in circles , his he on paid leave you bet Ya, had that been any member of the Public their feet wouldn't have touched the floor ,put in Country lock up quick as 💩 of a shovel, due process get to the point you'll be trying your best to get the Necrophiliac offffffff
Коментарий от: Bill Horrobin

Chief: Can I get a little some-some too?
Коментарий от: CREOLE DADDY

Redhook Brooklyn
Worst thing that ever happen in law enforcement those body cameras it’s no privacy while on duty. What’s next law enforcement wearing body cameras off duty.
Коментарий от: Redhook Brooklyn

Thank you police officers for reviewing the bodycam footage and then handling the situation accordingly. We love you LAPD ! 🚔
Коментарий от: R

Kendall Navstar
Коментарий от: Kendall Navstar

TerrySees 2019
Police get paid to have sex with dead people . What the hell is the matter with police . people you better be armed these days , Just can't understand what kind of sick police get paid with tax dollars to have sex with the dead .
Коментарий от: TerrySees 2019

Tommie Reid
No victim, no crime..
Коментарий от: Tommie Reid

John F Hendry
Law enforcement has shown what happened on June 9, 2009 was even worse and happened because they believed no one would notice them breaking the law.... I guess they were getting a ahead of themselves and figured I'd react as planned.... "Are your legal papers in there?" Of course they knew they were... but dead people don't complain as this police video shows. Put this sick sex offender in a zoo where he can **** *ff with the other animals...
Коментарий от: John F Hendry

S. O.
Say hello to Luis Naverette Senior. The Officer with GENITAL WARTS.
Коментарий от: S. O.

S. O.
Salvador gives a big...🖕
Коментарий от: S. O.

sargent pepper
Коментарий от: sargent pepper

Levine Levine
The LAPD Spin Doctor cleaned up the story. This LAPD cop did more than just fondled the breast of the deceased woman. Just before playing with the body of the deceased woman this sick, creepy, pervert, deprave LAPD cop turned off his body cam which continued recording for only two minutes of his many minutes of self pleasure. This means he had ample time to play with the body of the deceased woman as well enjoy himself. The complete video must be made available for public access before the notorious LAPD Internal Investigation delete or photoshop footages. The LAPD is notoriously pure evil. Google: LAPD Rampart Scandal, LAPD burglarize Hollywood video store, 2 LAPD cops rapes Nguyen, LAPD cop rape and extort Hollywood prostitutes, LAPD sex orgy with under age Explorer girls. The LAPD is twice guilty of traffic ticket quota, the latter one after ignoring Superior Court order to stop traffic ticket quota — a contempt of Court. And today, a LAPD cop has spiral down into the dark abyss: enjoying himself while fondling, groping, probing, squeezing, and poking around the body of a deceased woman. The LAPD and police union will offer the following defense: the deceased appeared to have weapon concealed inside her bra; the deceased refused to comply with a lawful order to stop resisting arrest; the officer feared for his safety. The honorable and morally superior LAPD cop conducted a Terry Stop pat-down upon the deceased woman to ensure officer safety and public safety.
Коментарий от: Levine Levine

J. Hurt
Criminals also carry badges.
Коментарий от: J. Hurt

Mattie Davis
Lapd officer name is David Rojas. Sicko disturbing. Show this officer face. SMH.
Коментарий от: Mattie Davis

The Dorner incident cemented this department's reputation for progressiveness....but this revelation had to raise some eyebrows even at the good old stop and frisk NYPD..
Коментарий от: 4catsnow

Thankful and Grateful
Chief was trying so hard not address the issue in the beginning they finally had to point blank him. Ridiculous.
Коментарий от: Thankful and Grateful

This should have made national news
Коментарий от: JP W

Big Dee
No no means yes
Коментарий от: Big Dee

Syed Colon
Random dam WTH is on the other bodycams. There is nothing to see only 5 out of 100, yeah hope you are not 1 of the 5. good luck to all.
Коментарий от: Syed Colon

When you get caught doing something illegal do they wait until they have built the full case before arresting you???
Коментарий от: SittingInDetroit

"The union gave permission to review body cam footage"......they had to get the unions permission???
Коментарий от: SittingInDetroit

Kung Pao Pizza
As soon as the wife heard about it,officer Colddtits walked into her saying,” 😠 You are dead to me”
Коментарий от: Kung Pao Pizza

Tania Ortega
Why aren’t the cops disgusted when cops kill/murder an innocent person.
Departments are quick to put cops under the bus. Wait also I thought cops can’t discuss open cases.

Коментарий от: Tania Ortega

the officers name is David Rojas who thought it was cool to feel up the womans dead body. the pig definitely did it and it def gonna get away with it smh
Коментарий от: conversationstimulus

Linda Taghon
SOOOO SICK!!!There will "ALWAYS" be sick disgusting people in our world, just ask the dems!
Коментарий от: Linda Taghon

Bambam Bullies1
Had he been there by himself im sure he would have raped the poor girl ...
Коментарий от: Bambam Bullies1

Santa Rivera
The chief talked and talked and I didn’t even understand what the heck he was talking about !! He doesn’t even know how to respond to this question! He’s pathetic
Коментарий от: Santa Rivera

Santa Rivera
This Chief needs a slap 👋!
Коментарий от: Santa Rivera

This cop will get a paid one week vacation, err I mean leave and get 1 month of probation. These are not our values and will not be tolerated!
Коментарий от: serilus4life

J Dolo
Shouldnt this make them check all videos tho.
Коментарий от: J Dolo

Paula Sanders
There should be an individual entity viewing every single video ,someone not affiliated with or obligated to police ,because it is no secret there are more corrupt amoral officers than there are cops with integrity ,and these are just well known facts well documented
Коментарий от: Paula Sanders

mikel carrow
Yeah, this is a training issue. What's next LAPD officers killing unarmed people...Oh wait...or unlawful stops..Oh... wait...Misconduct on duty....Oh wait...Damn I give up.
Коментарий от: mikel carrow

Q Co
Коментарий от: Q Co

Cameron Lewis
Love how the officer went a full 2 minutes and did not answer the question.  The man asked about what he could tell us and he goes on about how they are now reviewing the videos.  As an ex-member of the military who knows that ALL public responses are scripted buffers intended to keep people from actually knowing the truth, tread lightly with what you believe.
Коментарий от: Cameron Lewis

Ed Osborne
He copped a feel.
Коментарий от: Ed Osborne

Mo Eckersley
I am not a cop fan but this cop just might change my mind! Never heard I know officer speaks so professionally respectably and honorably! What all cops should be
Коментарий от: Mo Eckersley

zack comstock
And as Usual The Chief Brings Out A Big Bucket Of White Wash And A Mop.
Коментарий от: zack comstock

Sick sick sick. #whopolicethepolice
Коментарий от: cprojux

Tappa Tappa
Most cops are weirdos !!! They are molesting children , raping women or killing animals !
Never trust anyone that is a cop !!!!!

Коментарий от: Tappa Tappa

Rayquelle Grayson
Omfg he should go directly to jail...wow!
Should not be able to turn body cameras off

Коментарий от: Rayquelle Grayson

kate Gallagher
this is no surprise
Коментарий от: kate Gallagher

Tosh T
The chief knows why he was invited and is asked directly to comment but then rambles for literally two full minutes about procedures and studies only to be finally cut off by the news anchor. Chief is embarrassing the department.
Коментарий от: Tosh T

Lego Batman
Anyone really surprised by this?
Коментарий от: Lego Batman

"suspended" gtfoh!!!
Коментарий от: L G

Robert Carlee
Why has the Chief of Police not viewed the video? You would think if he was going on the news to talk about it, he would want to have viewed it and not gone on the word of others!!
Коментарий от: Robert Carlee

Dwain McWilliams
Psychological eval! Please, there is only one question on the test. "Can you, as a sworn office do in your own mother, go home get a good night sleep, return to work the next day and brag to your colleagues how her head split open like an over ripe watermelon? If so, head to the front of the line, you're hired."
Коментарий от: Dwain McWilliams

Prakhar Mishra
Police is all about it
Коментарий от: Prakhar Mishra

jeffy acorn
We want him to be able to resign.
Коментарий от: jeffy acorn

jeffy acorn
Yet he is still getting paid
Коментарий от: jeffy acorn

jeffy acorn
That pig needs to be executed
Коментарий от: jeffy acorn

Saraz Gawada
Only the devil would do that .
Коментарий от: Saraz Gawada

Arika Renee
All u scumbag s need to be filmed
Коментарий от: Arika Renee

king zombie
Should go back RIGHT NOW and review ALL those videos ASAP! NOW! THIS SECOND! Corrupt mf pigs from coast to coast.
Коментарий от: king zombie

Game Changer
Коментарий от: Game Changer

fire tiger white cosmic beam
How about Coroners?
Коментарий от: fire tiger white cosmic beam

Yeah, right. You're disgusted that the officer was caught, that's about it. You're disgusted that the officer was so sloppy about groping the deceased woman's breasts. I've been around off duty cops enough to hear what they do, and this fits in with the stories they enjoy trading.
Коментарий от: 20alphabet