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SantaClaus HawkeyeNJ
6:25 Why didn't you remove "the school is out" driving wall poster? Take it to the on duty desk officer ask them to display the poster were police officers can view every time they leave to get into patrol cars!

How many more of our children must be serious injured or killed by police recklessly driving. Before auditors speak up? Police officers breaking motor vehicles laws are endangering the lives of our children!  Several children have been injured. Some children have been killed!

Jan/2019 Officer Andria Heese kills child by driving on school sidewalk. Please like Tom Zebra and Big Nick teach the officers. They must also obey traffic laws! 
Officer runs over 4-year-old while parking on school sidewalk, Missouri troopers say
Four-year-old Gabriella Curry was walking on the sidewalk outside of a Missouri high schoolwhen she was struck and killed by a police officer, according to a Missouri State Highway Patrol crash report.
The officer, 27-year-old Andria Heese

Коментарий от: SantaClaus HawkeyeNJ

Robert Hypes
I know this will not be liked, but dont you think that someday you might need one of these guys you're pissing off?
Коментарий от: Robert Hypes

Craig Davis
That laugh tho.
Коментарий от: Craig Davis

cole stone
Of all the auditors, you’re the funniest 🤣
Коментарий от: cole stone

Lester Hartness
Just my opinion, but people who can't get close enough to operate the keypad without opening the door shouldn't have a license.
Коментарий от: Lester Hartness

Good, job! Very courageous!
Коментарий от: Osiris619yahoo

Judge Dredd
That Biker cop can suck it easy pissed off because nobody wants to answer his stupid questions
Коментарий от: Judge Dredd

Pablo Lee
Keep it up america dont do what they tell ya live free or die
Коментарий от: Pablo Lee

They look funny 😂😂
Коментарий от: Mr. AQL

Jessie Godinez
But they couldn't touch me
Коментарий от: Jessie Godinez

Jessie Godinez
I did this too there. They didnt like it.
Коментарий от: Jessie Godinez

SubGrappling 805
Коментарий от: SubGrappling 805

Tired Old Man
Nothing better to do? Seriously?
Коментарий от: Tired Old Man

Jordan King
You guys should do the Shafter PD and run into officer Arielle Garcia and SGT Lionel Lopez that refuse to speak Spanish to KC Cameraboy
Коментарий от: Jordan King

Daniel Teaque
Im the 1 asking the questions here sir that was great lol
Коментарий от: Daniel Teaque

Alex Hern
Show some love with those personal vehicle license plates 🤩
Коментарий от: Alex Hern

I get a kick out of that "Can you pop a wheelie?" that you threw at that wannabe Erik Estrada mc cop. Too funny....LOL
Коментарий от: FlowergirlDeb

C&B Lay
Can you Pop a Wheelie 😂😂😂
Коментарий от: C&B Lay

Other than the 1 insolent bastard on the bike it looks like a pass to me. Where getting there.
Коментарий от: apb38

jorrge motta
as soon as he said lets go inside to see if they respect our 1st amendment....i was like 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔”maaaaaan i got 100 bucks they wont “ u know how i know because sadlywe could expect the worst frm the police not the best , now aint that some shot to think about uuummmmm
Коментарий от: jorrge motta

Inalienable Rights
Devonshire and Reseda, not Sepulveda.
Коментарий от: Inalienable Rights

Mr F
Dear San Joaquin,

I’ve got an idea for you. When a cop confronts you like the cop on the motorcycle did in this video, why not try treating them like a bit part actor in a movie. So it would go like this.

COP: Why are you taking pictures? Are you making a show?

SAN JOAQUIN: Ok. That’s not very good. When I say “ ACTION”, I want you to try saying that again with a little more attitude. And maybe puff your chest out and point your finger. It’ll make a better shot for my YouTube channel. Ok ACTION!

COP: What did you say.

SAN JOAQUIN: Listen buddy. Time is money. I don’t have all day. If you want to be in MY video, you gotta learn to take direction. Let’s try something else. Why don’t you say something real stupid like “ you’re a suspicious person. Can I see some ID. Ok. ACTION.

COP: what the hell is going on here.

SAN JOAQUIN: listen buddy, I I thought you wanted to be a star. Remember, I’m paying you so either do as I tell you or you’ll never work on another movie in this town again. This is your last chance, when I say ACTION, say something like “ In this day and age, we gotta check the ID of anyone we don’t like., that’s the law” And try to look like you actually believe it.

It would be great fun to see the look of confusion when you just ignore the cops agenda and persistently insist on directing him like an actor who is not giving a good enough performance.

Коментарий от: Mr F

jaco jonker
sour pig couldnt pop a wheelie
Коментарий от: jaco jonker

Lionheart Herrera
Ur funny as fuck sjvt
Коментарий от: Lionheart Herrera

Markus Vogt
well, they made your time to be wasted how ever hard you tried, and made you look not only dumb but zero important 😂 get a real job...
Коментарий от: Markus Vogt

Monique Al-Hassan
Коментарий от: Monique Al-Hassan

R aw
No more American made motorcycles for the cops.Riding BMW,..from Germany.Nice expensive bikes,shipped in from over seas.Thank you tax payers!!
Коментарий от: R aw

Always keep 2 dollars in your pocket and when they ask if they can help you say yes get me a doctor pepper and one for your self
Коментарий от: rayminthecat

William Grim
I don't even know why I watch this crap.
Коментарий от: William Grim

kylar lovelady
Why u out here videoing ppl. Tht shits weird dude Y’all too bored out there in LA
Коментарий от: kylar lovelady

LetsGetIT MF
Go to San Jose California Fuck with those pigs
Коментарий от: LetsGetIT MF

Joe B
Little piggys look funny in bikes
Коментарий от: Joe B

Central Valley Watch
Коментарий от: Central Valley Watch

Gerardo Martinez
Hey man you handled that dude like a boss, como jefe cheers from monterrey nl mexico.
Коментарий от: Gerardo Martinez

Square Bear
Коментарий от: Square Bear

Bill Steeves
I ask the questions here sir...EPIC
Коментарий от: Bill Steeves

Bro you have alot of hater pigs subscribers..lol that says a lot about them. Beta males.
Коментарий от: T BOW

R Alan
He was smart to stop asking dumb ass questions and get the fuck out of there.
Коментарий от: R Alan

mixtele. Azul
Hahaha he almost did a wheelie when you said "I'm asking the question here "brooooom 😁
Коментарий от: mixtele. Azul

South Texas Now
Excess Tax Collector !!
Pobrezito ...you busted his ego

Коментарий от: South Texas Now

Javanbirdblue Russelling
Can ya pop a wheelie!! I'm asking the questions here and then the laughs after made my day!!! Brilliant guys!! 😎👍😂😂😂😂
Коментарий от: Javanbirdblue Russelling

Press ON
Yeah when in doubt call it a FAIL
Коментарий от: Press ON

What you should do is every time there is a cop coming in or out with car or bike, start crossing the driveway. By law you have the right of way so they should be stopping and letting you by. Make sure you take your time when you ‘continue down the pavement’
Коментарий от: Tlailaxu

some loser
Nice! 23k take home bike, paid by you taxpayer.
Коментарий от: some loser

The Ancient One
Solid lol
I’m the one asking the questions

Коментарий от: The Ancient One

Wayne Gadbois
Awesome :)
Коментарий от: Wayne Gadbois

CameroonKing 00
You should hit up the west Hollywood sherriff station.
Коментарий от: CameroonKing 00

Jake Merchant
"Can you pop a willy" great!
Коментарий от: Jake Merchant

The only thing that cop ever popped was a kid's balloon.
Коментарий от: Gargoyle

Numerous scientific studies show that operating a police motorcycle causes irreversible testicular damage. Thank you for your service to our country by filming the tyrant police trying to violate your rights while damaging their own testiculos. Cool.
Коментарий от: XORX ZORZ

WolfyGladly: Accountability Inspector
Lol he got the losing horn..
Коментарий от: WolfyGladly: Accountability Inspector

Motorcycle cops remind me of those agents from the movie "The Matrix".
Коментарий от: slhines7

Bohemia Lite
You mash'd that motorcycle cop ego🏁🏁🏁
Коментарий от: Bohemia Lite

"I'm asking the questions here, sir," And the cop tucks tail and takes off. It was a thing of beauty!
Коментарий от: keitharoo1962

news now philly
Коментарий от: news now philly

Doug Shores
That's too funny 😂
Коментарий от: Doug Shores

Richard van Tricht
At least he has a great bike
Коментарий от: Richard van Tricht

Elijah Mcnamee
its a pass but that mortor cop not so much
Коментарий от: Elijah Mcnamee

PugFace Media
Omg. Can you pop a wheelie? 😂😂😂
Коментарий от: PugFace Media

Mike Bunch
Are you doing a show😂yes sir,a shit show,right on Brothers✌
Коментарий от: Mike Bunch

Charles Montgomery Plantagenet Schicklgruber Burns
When they do the magnet card, may I suggest calling out randon numbers mixed with pound sign and asterisk.
Коментарий от: Charles Montgomery Plantagenet Schicklgruber Burns

Charles Montgomery Plantagenet Schicklgruber Burns
You bros are the best! I've only watched first 30 seconds too. "I'M ASKING THE QUESTIONS" Priceless!
Коментарий от: Charles Montgomery Plantagenet Schicklgruber Burns

F Sp
First 30 seconds gave you my like !
Коментарий от: F Sp

Victor Villarruel
Shallah mlhalla
Коментарий от: Victor Villarruel

Daniel Cruz
Коментарий от: Daniel Cruz

John S
Dude I love your laugh it's so contagious 😂😂😂 good work boys!!!
Коментарий от: John S

Richard Quinones
OMG that was fucking hilarious are you on a show😂😂😂👊
Коментарий от: Richard Quinones

Detail Enthusiast
Pass? Didn't you see all the pirates returning to the ship with stolen treasure? 👎👎👎
Коментарий от: Detail Enthusiast

Nah, that’s a pass.
Коментарий от: Dalonghair

Chakka Kon
Dude, I didn’t expect to laugh so early in the video.
I choked on my cole slaw.

Коментарий от: Chakka Kon

If they need to put a sign on the door pointing to the handle saying 'pull here' then that must be a town full of idiots.
Коментарий от: Majowh

Коментарий от: RedEarth

Ramon Arellano
Keep your hooves where is can see em pig.
Коментарий от: Ramon Arellano

Neil Hale
They were (except the Motorcyclist) pretty cool. When you went inside they were polite and asked if you needed help, something most police stations do out of courtesy. Were they curious, I hope they were, that's part of their job.
Коментарий от: Neil Hale

Va te trabajar puerco.
Коментарий от: saintⓋearth

Lee Johnson
So dumb, they can't even pull up to a keypad close enough so they don't have to open their door
Коментарий от: Lee Johnson

Alex Palette
Yo SJVT this NYPD auditor got a million in settlements for what happens daily to y'all.

Коментарий от: Alex Palette

Cindy Duran
Love how you do your thang! Lol great job! Humor is the spice of life!
Коментарий от: Cindy Duran

Mr Ed
Motorcycle cop tried to object to them “doing a show or something” by saying there were kids around, as though that somehow mattered. Their ‘go-to’ for getting auditors to stop recording. Doesn’t work.
Коментарий от: Mr Ed

Where's Waldo
Lol I am asking the question here how is being a member of the press suspicious activity this guy is so stupid
Коментарий от: Where's Waldo

“I’m asking the questions here, sir!” Lmaoooo
Коментарий от: princemarcel

Norman Baker
Nice job! Liked!
Коментарий от: Norman Baker

juan lara
I would call that one a pass that bike cop asked but he didn't press the issue or try to intimidate he just left
Коментарий от: juan lara

crazy carl
Pass and fail brother stay safe out there🤙🤙🤙🤙🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿
Коментарий от: crazy carl

Wow! @6:36 - actual Complaint Forms available in the lobby? And the cops in the lobby are respectful to the camera people? nice!
Коментарий от: KenDroid66

Ranger 1776
motorcycle ride of shame. What an idiot.
Коментарий от: Ranger 1776

I guess it's hard to pop a wheelie when you're butthurt.
Коментарий от: KenDroid66

Daniel Dominguez
Nice video bro! Great quote; I'm asking the questions here!
Коментарий от: Daniel Dominguez

ken demetroff
lmfao POP Wheelie
Коментарий от: ken demetroff

I'd like to share this with you. A very short video. youtu.be/9xqR0MEeIb4
Коментарий от: 4 KING NEWS

Robby Jarvis
I'm asking the questions here NOW GET TO WORK!!
Коментарий от: Robby Jarvis

Linda N
Your titles of your vids usually make me chuckle .... before I even start watching 😊🤗
Коментарий от: Linda N

6:07 are you fucking serious!?!? They put a god damn ATM in the lobby of a police station..... WTF is next, why not just share the police station with a bank.... Un fucking believable 🖕🏿🖕
Коментарий от: No More #BLUEISIS

LMFAO you always get me with the pop a wheelie bit 🤣😂🤣😂
Коментарий от: No More #BLUEISIS

Callum Bush
A few things make a person stylish: honesty, imagination with a sprinkling of humour. I still keep an eye on trends, but I don't follow them any more. Maxine Peake
Коментарий от: Callum Bush

Callum Bush
Strange to hear a place called Devonshire that isn't in England.
Коментарий от: Callum Bush

bryan poignant
Cop: "Are you doing a show or something?" indeed and you're the star and main attraction of it
Коментарий от: bryan poignant

Matt S
Seemed like a decent interaction. I call it a pass as far as 1st amendment is concerned.
Коментарий от: Matt S

Eclipse Razo
Коментарий от: Eclipse Razo

ed val
San Joaquin valley transparency, Why is it that you never point out that they never put their turning signal on????????
Коментарий от: ed val