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Andrew Farrow
This is the real life version of Facebook - arguing in public with people you don't know.
Коментарий от: Andrew Farrow

Patrick A. Crawley
How is walking straight across the street, 'Jay-walking?'
Коментарий от: Patrick A. Crawley

hung so low
I'm probably on some no fly zone database now I'm part of your channel and comment often. Well looks like I'm stuck in south Louisiana, where the food is amazing, that's why we're fat and die at 60, and our women taste just as good. Before you hurry and come down here for our women, remember we eat and love crabs more than anything. Let that sink in for a moment. Lol, we like crabs from the water, not from crackwhores. So funny!! I'm begging you to come to terrebonne parish in Louisiana, that's where I live, these dick head cops are off the wall down here. If your ever in the area, it will be my treat. Three days, all meals paid to the finest restaurants, and best seafood, and will put you up in an amazing place to lay your head. So if your ever in my area ,contact me, everything is on me brother, your amazing!!!
Коментарий от: hung so low

hung so low
Love it brother, but I still think the veterans place was kinda dickish, but whatever, your still proving our freedom and I am one of many of your subscribers. So hey, keep up the amazing work, and you have balls of titanium to do what you do. Again show this dickfaces they can't walk all over us, we do have rights, and because people like yourself, shows we won't stand down to there terrany. Again amazing job!!!
Коментарий от: hung so low

Peter Zimmerman
All this poorly adjusted individual does is actively seek out conflict with public servants. I hope his eyes begin to open. You want to help our law enforcement professionals? Find a legit way. What you’re doing is embarrassing. Hooray for Jonny the grievance magnet. NOT !
Коментарий от: Peter Zimmerman

Venture Designs
Almost positive, I saw that exact vehicle, with 2 people that looked just like them parked in a walmart parking lot taking huge bong rips of 7/11 bought spice. The guy was gnawing on the girls face. It was gross.
Коментарий от: Venture Designs

I lost it at "In this day and age, you don't know who's who, you know what I mean, you could come and blow this building up 6 weeks from now." LOL.
Коментарий от: Randomstuff3146

Americus DeVille
SuperCuck didn't like the cameras in his face.
Коментарий от: Americus DeVille

Carla Cochrane
Hi Johnny five o. You can cross the street anywhere any time however, if you impede the flow of traffic then that is J walking.
Коментарий от: Carla Cochrane

D Lowe
In this day and age I love how they miss the irony
Коментарий от: D Lowe

I would have hooked him ...simple as
Коментарий от: A.M

Adam Brewer
Lmao!!! Nice troll!!!
Коментарий от: Adam Brewer

Linda Furr
Talk about crazy! That couple went behind crazy all the way to cuckoo loonybins. You pushed him over the edge when you said you were getting his vin number. Thanx for keeping your cool.
Коментарий от: Linda Furr

Johnny F. Face
16:17 glitch in the matrix
Коментарий от: Johnny F. Face

Tito Denino
When he realized hes in public and hes the public.
Коментарий от: Tito Denino

cheeky af monkey
Mr. Noodles!
Коментарий от: cheeky af monkey

Clifton Santiago
Let us all hope they don't have children and if they do kill them with fire.
Коментарий от: Clifton Santiago

Lynn Savoy
That that was a classic comedy sketch with that ignorant couple.
Коментарий от: Lynn Savoy

G†O O.
😂😂 snow flakes
Коментарий от: G†O O.

Wonderful Life
16 mins. the suns out, he's clearly melting.
Коментарий от: Wonderful Life

Jacob Martinez
And we wonder what’s wrong with our youth these days they’re getting raised by idiots like this. I feel sorry for their children.
Коментарий от: Jacob Martinez

Jacob Martinez
Oh man these two douche bags are perfect for each other. I can’t believe adults could ask so fucking childish it’s unbelievable.
Коментарий от: Jacob Martinez

Raymond Krzywda
1970 called they want the sargents mustache back
Коментарий от: Raymond Krzywda

Raymond Krzywda
Who's Mr. Clean and his hoe
Коментарий от: Raymond Krzywda

Raymond Krzywda
The fat cops should have to get out and push the gate open them selves.
Коментарий от: Raymond Krzywda

Raymond Krzywda
Right? It drives me crazy when I'm in a store and people r walking on the wrong side I ask them r u from England they look at me like I'm nuts.
Коментарий от: Raymond Krzywda

Pamela Ward
I know this is an older video but why did you allow him to block you from walking down the sidewalk??? Isn't stopping you like that and getting in your face against the law???
Коментарий от: Pamela Ward

16:18 Please carry and use bear spray when people get in your space. Aim for the eyes.
Коментарий от: iampracticingpiano

shawn phillips
What a stupid couple but seems like they’re made for each other . Dumb and dumber , he answered his own question asking why are you filming me in “ public” but I guess he doesn’t understand their own rights. How stupid are these fuckers!
Коментарий от: shawn phillips

He was in desperate need of a throat punch or a good pop to the tip of his nose.

The door being locked and him struggling to get in was fn rich.


Коментарий от: Jokerdoc

Black Chaos
Vertically or horizontal your camera is always top quality inmo continue doing what u been doing brother
Коментарий от: Black Chaos

wow, that dude was such a tool, he and his fugly wife
Коментарий от: ditttch

lucky C bro
Who are these people?
Коментарий от: lucky C bro

Adam Cole bay bay fan
The paranoia is strong with this one lmao and this couple are lunatics and idiots
Коментарий от: Adam Cole bay bay fan

Eric Moore
Couple of Idiots - these two are made for each other: stupid and ignorant...!!!
Коментарий от: Eric Moore

Eric Moore
10:42 - Actually This Bold bozo needs to be put on the meds...!!!
Коментарий от: Eric Moore

D B Cooper
Camera fight at the OK Coral, dam how the USA has changed so I guess the world wont be seeing anymore pasta westerns
Коментарий от: D B Cooper

D B Cooper
So your filming this cop station which is filming you and you are filming 2 people who's filming you whilst the cops are filming all 4 of you 🤔🤔
Коментарий от: D B Cooper

M- Nice
I thought it was a boring video at first. What a tool.
Коментарий от: M- Nice

Jacob Lindberg
This is one of the best ones.
Коментарий от: Jacob Lindberg

Jacob Lindberg
He's showing us what we can do according to the law! He must hiding something or is worried about something. {the bald guy withe the lady}
Коментарий от: Jacob Lindberg

Susen Sakal
That fukn chrome dome is crazy man
Коментарий от: Susen Sakal

Leatherneck 1955
You found dumb and dumber the real life version.
Коментарий от: Leatherneck 1955

Goose Bumps
Коментарий от: Goose Bumps

Brian Chapman
It's Northridge...I use to live up the street...
Коментарий от: Brian Chapman

Jonathan Osbourne
Hilarious 😆!!!
Коментарий от: Jonathan Osbourne

They say even death can't cure an idiot!!! The dumbest and most ignorant couple I'ver saw
Коментарий от: MSA

Jesus Alvarado
Haha hope both those idiots see them selfs on video 🤣😂
Коментарий от: Jesus Alvarado

YouTube Watcher With Pickle
Mr mustache man lol
Коментарий от: YouTube Watcher With Pickle

Struck By Lightning Teresa P
What a jerk. Two cry babies.
Коментарий от: Struck By Lightning Teresa P

Oliver Spoopydroopsnoot
Johnny is one sassy mother fucker. He's The Sass Man.
Коментарий от: Oliver Spoopydroopsnoot

George Ramirez
The terrorists r inside the station!
Коментарий от: George Ramirez

mycat63 mycat63
Those fucking idiots!
Коментарий от: mycat63 mycat63

zack comstock
Scientologists in public, stunned cunts.
Коментарий от: zack comstock

David Love
What a fucking idiot, I hope by now he realizes what a dumbass he is
Коментарий от: David Love

Viewz From These Streets
That's embarrassing..Who the fuck are these weirdos? Wow these 🐀 ass boot lickers are pathedic. They must of been at the police station ratting on someone.
Why don't some people just don't know how to mind their own business...

Коментарий от: Viewz From These Streets

Timothy Chizmar
The quality of your videos - the captions etc are AMAZING bro!!!!
Коментарий от: Timothy Chizmar

What idiots lol
Коментарий от: Angel

Dew Drop
Dopey fuck has beard growing out his ears
Коментарий от: Dew Drop

Freddy Blandon
That California shit is won by the red coats
Коментарий от: Freddy Blandon

Jokers Grin
The only crime here committed were the close ups of that ugly couple 🤣
Коментарий от: Jokers Grin

Leonel Lomas
Hey it looks suspicious of you taking pictures out here in public as I’m taking pictures out in public. This day in age people are really fucking stupid plain and simple. Hey you buddy I don’t wanna be on camera so just let me approach you while you are filming to be on camera. People are complete fucking idiots and I wonder how in the hell they’ve made it this far in life.
Коментарий от: Leonel Lomas

Ghost of Paul Revere
Those were 2 DUMB FUCKS
Коментарий от: Ghost of Paul Revere

Campslew Fitness Training
That's was a funny ending lol
Коментарий от: Campslew Fitness Training

Andrew hiers
Thanks dumb ass you made the video good lol Haha
Коментарий от: Andrew hiers

كويتاوي شرقاوي
ugly Couples how she afford him?
Коментарий от: كويتاوي شرقاوي

Did background dancer bolt at the sound of "badge number"?
Коментарий от: QuboCompa

Last two members of nsync.
Коментарий от: QuboCompa

Djms&capo DeMorais
Don't these Gacy juniors need to do an IQ test before joining the gun gangs in uniform?
Bozo is crazy👹.check and dig up his basement.
One laughs till die seeing these "cops" heavily armed inside their OWN fort. I bet to poop their pants must have a back door.... Guns can't be removed all the time.

Коментарий от: Djms&capo DeMorais

Dale W
You are a pain in the ass, have no life
Коментарий от: Dale W

Tony Perger
What does your mother charge you for rent.?
Коментарий от: Tony Perger

LOL man they totally got you!
Коментарий от: ratboyninja

Todd Stafford
Love the entrance only sign on outside of gate. Might be more effective on the inside.
Коментарий от: Todd Stafford


In this day and age i knew this would be an amazing channel

Коментарий от: James

Doug Austin
More dumb people
Коментарий от: Doug Austin

Tony Jara
Dumb dumbs
Коментарий от: Tony Jara


In this day and age (Sarcasm)

Коментарий от: Eartheternal

Ryan Williams
Holy shit!! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Johnny is a great photographer. Bravo!!
Коментарий от: Ryan Williams

Bill Mann
What a couple of crazy people walking up to a camera
Коментарий от: Bill Mann

Kathleen Bogunovich
I am from the toxic environment activist dept 😂 use jojoba oil for a natural sunscreen. Look up essential oils for Sun protection. The oils are actually beneficial to you in more ways than one but yet we have toxic shit on the shelves. By the way its cheaper too.
Коментарий от: Kathleen Bogunovich

Mike P
Why dont they re-programme the gates to open in or out instead of two gates that open at the same time?
Коментарий от: Mike P

Droop Mountain
That didn't go the way they thought it would.
Коментарий от: Droop Mountain

David Gillette
You know ever since they closed the psychiatric hospitals.
Коментарий от: David Gillette

cnt allen
Коментарий от: cnt allen

Christine Thompson
What a complete drongo he is crazy. To think they’re together lol
Коментарий от: Christine Thompson

Juan Benitez
Коментарий от: Juan Benitez

douglas howard
guys a popinjay.
Коментарий от: douglas howard

douglas howard
why ? the car is parked on the streets.
Коментарий от: douglas howard

douglas howard
so if you see something say something, these people are strait from east germany. good little stazi snitches.
Коментарий от: douglas howard

Johnathan Weber
Damn i love me some johnny five o
Коментарий от: Johnathan Weber

Greg Barnett
Should take note that the police knew the law and didn’t harass you. I know this should be how it always is, but it’s still nice to see that there are good ones out there.
Коментарий от: Greg Barnett

Greg Barnett
Mr. clean fucking paranoid douche
Коментарий от: Greg Barnett

Joshua Hinderliter
I'm glad you kept your cool cuz I would have loved to punch that fat fucking head of his
Коментарий от: Joshua Hinderliter

OMG I want to bash that bald head fuckwit
Коментарий от: DamStr8t

Luis 73
tiene caca en lugar de cerebro, increible lo idiota q está..
Коментарий от: Luis 73

Cheddar Pants
It's hilarious that they think they are important enough to garner attention haha
Коментарий от: Cheddar Pants

Ttm 87
The sad reality is this guy is just exercising his rights, and I’d bet money the police (possibly the feds too) do have him on some watch list in their system. Possibly tracking him through his phone. They will try to nail him with a big case the first time he does mistakenly break the law. Be on your toes Johnny. The online police are definitely monitoring you.
Коментарий от: Ttm 87

James Dean
Such a great video.
Коментарий от: James Dean

You don't make cops or people look good or bad, they do it all on their own. And the Sgt at the end was a good example of how to look good. Not so much for baby zilla
Коментарий от: crandallziegel

Rafael Villalobos
That cop Jhonny talked to had a nice prison pussy of a mustache I bet his buddy's love fucking that at the station and what about Mr clean and Medusa out what a creepy couple it looked like the wife incharge of that weird marriage she probably toke that little wizel husbad of hers and fucked him doggie style 😂
Коментарий от: Rafael Villalobos