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Коментарии Waterfront Pavillon Hotel Casino

Leestheories 117
You always double down on 11 man
Коментарий от: Leestheories 117

brian g
Dude every time I go I can’t play the A.I. Is always on the table
Коментарий от: brian g

Gyino Szücs
Коментарий от: Gyino Szücs

Cool video game.
Коментарий от: pinktacoetr

3mxg RBLX
I won 350k from 50k
Коментарий от: 3mxg RBLX

this man doesn't need to do a heist to rob the casino
Коментарий от: jordan

Trevor G
Lol little kids are gonna be gambling addicts, there should be an age limit on this, its good but its too real.
Коментарий от: Trevor G

I hate you.
Коментарий от: Atlas

I went from my first 40k chips (20k on the wheel and 20k bought) all the way to 1.3m chips then started losing and now I'm at 100k.
I did win a 1.8m$ car on the wheel though...

Коментарий от: milan-hoi

ROCKSTAR:Congras! I see you winning so much here. Wanna buy some shark carts?(Planning to update another x20 kind of shi-tty supercar that cost 4 million)
Коментарий от: 梁博洋

Dr. Hook
Коментарий от: Dr. Hook

Logan B
Holy shit, a gta v video without 12 minutes of bullshit in front of the real content!!
Коментарий от: Logan B

aaron neef
so many bj videos but almost all are real, not in gta. still i hope a card counter could test if gta deals fair
Коментарий от: aaron neef

People always talkig abour strategy but dont forget about its a game Rockstar dont want to you to win big (Sharkcards)
Its scam and not fair like im reallife and there are so many situations that dealer always have 21 three blackjacks in a row etc etc
But much luck in this video

Коментарий от: TimothyHD+

I hate Landwirt Pius !!
What a nice Chester
Коментарий от: I hate Landwirt Pius !!

xd memes
I hate how slow that dealer is. I swear she lags every time she deals
Коментарий от: xd memes

UB Jack
You should see me play poker. 6 mil in 4 days
Коментарий от: UB Jack

Ethan Broom
You did 2 plays wrong you should have doubled on the 11 on a 10 and shouldn’t have doubled on the ace 2 on a 2 but hey it worked I guess 😂😂
Коментарий от: Ethan Broom

Liam Ryan
Why doesn't the dealer swipe the table before dealing the cards like they are supposed to??
Коментарий от: Liam Ryan

Gabriel Letko
Wait I am confusion on the one where he had 13 and then got a queen how did he not bust? Plz answer I sincerely wanna know Y
Коментарий от: Gabriel Letko

Chris Barhorst
Ive made millions with the casino in gta
Коментарий от: Chris Barhorst

*Rockstar entered the chat

Rockstar: Hey you, we want our money back

Коментарий от: Domplayz

Gary Sharp
That's a continuous shuffle and the house a bigger advantage than they would using a hand shuffle or automatic shuffler
Коментарий от: Gary Sharp

this is pure luck, but also pure dare😳
Коментарий от: justjessenl

silvestre vadacchino
Someone has to make a video counting cards in black jack in gta v
Коментарий от: silvestre vadacchino

I dont know what happened but when i play this i won 3million and i got disconnected and when i log in its already 1.5 mil
Коментарий от: ok

Malicious Dolphin
Guys if u learn how to count cards it works in GTA. I've won almost 225 million from the casino off of blackjack
Коментарий от: Malicious Dolphin

I made 290k from one bet
Коментарий от: Thezaratekid123

Thomas Cere
Is it with real life money?
Коментарий от: Thomas Cere

Plymouth Joshua
If you did that today you would kicked from the online session because Rockstar doesn't like people wining more then 3 times
Коментарий от: Plymouth Joshua

Luiz Fernando
I play that yesterday and The dealer did 4 BlackJacks in sequence
Коментарий от: Luiz Fernando

lowkey pissed me off that he didn’t double down on the 11
Коментарий от: Claytonguyperson

1 Million Crypto
Stands on 13, dealer gets 14 and picks up another card and busts, the fuck
Коментарий от: 1 Million Crypto

Денис Редченков
You lucky man
Коментарий от: Денис Редченков

JONtakeOUTthe H
usually if the dealer is up by one card the dealer wins why was the dealer still drawing after he won the player
Коментарий от: JONtakeOUTthe H

D3RpYwAy - BTD Battles/BTD5
I play gta and played blackjack for the first time on gta and I bet 50k everytime and everyday I play 5 hands or more and lose I’m going to be a addictive gambler
Коментарий от: D3RpYwAy - BTD Battles/BTD5

For the the who cant play black jack use black jack strategy chart 96% chance to win
Коментарий от: Straathyenas

Justin Timbersaw
Double on a 10? That's some big balls time.
Коментарий от: Justin Timbersaw

Christian Contreras
You should have doubled down when you had the 11 against the dealers 10
Коментарий от: Christian Contreras

Christian Contreras
Really not hard to do, I'm at 13.8 million chips from black chat rn
Коментарий от: Christian Contreras

That’s not how black jack works irl
Коментарий от: cruzingt86

Captedsword -_-
This is a mod on PC the dealer did not get Blackjack once
Коментарий от: Captedsword -_-

Nice. But as you had the 11 you MUST duplicate. Then you had more. If you have 11-14 you have to duplicate. You mostly win
Коментарий от: Mortaza

100 Abonnenten ohne Video
I Won 250k in Inside Track First Round
Коментарий от: 100 Abonnenten ohne Video

Jorge Maciel Sanchez
I Wish the dealer was always this FUCKEN STUPID when I play against him. Why does the Dealer still hits though he already has a higher number than the player?
Коментарий от: Jorge Maciel Sanchez

GenX Wolverine
This man just tripled his chips on blackjack while I can’t even win roulette
Коментарий от: GenX Wolverine

I lost a lot in 3 min last time when the dealers got blackjack 5 times and 2 10’s 10 times
Коментарий от: ItzToby

Commander Johns
Why didn’t she stop after she got a higher number that you I’m confused
Коментарий от: Commander Johns

why are you flat betting its a bad strategy
Коментарий от: Soggy

Gabriel144 1
i win 655k in high limit poker, lol. 30 secs '-'
Коментарий от: Gabriel144 1

Adam Krzyżanowski
Card counter is here? :D
Коментарий от: Adam Krzyżanowski

Beesechurger _
I’ve only won this once but I put down 50,000, split it, then doubled down on both splits and won and I’ve only been able to do this once
Коментарий от: Beesechurger _

Коментарий от: proga

Egg Boy
Now that the horse glitch is getting my money wiped I'm gonna have to go with black jack
Коментарий от: Egg Boy

Luminosity 3
Is it just me or the repeating of the dealer and player is just satisfying
Коментарий от: Luminosity 3

Exiled YT
But if I were to do this the dealer would legit get straight 21's
Коментарий от: Exiled YT

I started with some daily spin chips a few days because my character was new and now I have made over 12 mil in this casino lol it’s a blessing
Коментарий от: V A F U

I know some thing you don’t know
Коментарий от: DJ JUKE BOX C.

Verciest 0
I made 3 mill from blackjack
Коментарий от: Verciest 0

cris solis
I was standing behind him when he won. I saw it happen.
Коментарий от: cris solis

Kyle Perez
I’ve made 11 mil plus from the casino
Коментарий от: Kyle Perez

I dont need the casino because i have 5 billion dollars hahaha idiots hahahahahfbskfncknfne but unfortunately in gta
Коментарий от: zemmel

Jim Bob
I call bs, dealer didnt get 2 blackjacks in a row
Коментарий от: Jim Bob

Коментарий от: Bolo1995

Färlöv Ektorp
So many people in the comments who can't even read or understand the text on the table.

Коментарий от: Färlöv Ektorp

Everytime I have a female dealer I always lose (not being sexist)
Коментарий от: Dashppx

1 million in 15min, who say better ?
Коментарий от: SlowedMood

Why asian can’t play casino T_T
Коментарий от: HANOI NOON

AMV Empire
I’ve won all my chips from the slots. I’ve converted about 1 million cash to chips and have 6.4 million chips
Коментарий от: AMV Empire

Airbus A330-300
I suck at this game 🥺😭😭
Коментарий от: Airbus A330-300

I'm glad people are losing. It's better to lose fake game money than real life money. Gambling is dangerous.
Коментарий от: GamerPlays

Nothing special
Коментарий от: Lesci

Im a gambling addict
Коментарий от: Luhki

I’m the only one that doesn’t get it about that game.💀
Коментарий от: _Cloudygabby14

Get woke go broke hoe
Коментарий от: VelvetMidnight

Artjom Manov
Are you literally a god?
Коментарий от: Artjom Manov

Dude always double when you got 11 at the start
Коментарий от: PrinceNeyesta

Trace Tillman
always double down on 11
Коментарий от: Trace Tillman

dat khidd
I won 10 in a row once u learn how they deal u only loose 2 3 4 times ever
Коментарий от: dat khidd

roberto baggio
To play high stakes on computerised machines is crazy,clip only showed winnings,don't fall for that, prob fake anyways
Коментарий от: roberto baggio

literally how
Коментарий от: bagelseeds

Lawrence L.
Don't gamble, in real life, that's a terribly bad habit...you are scientifically...guaranteed to lose, in the long run.
Коментарий от: Lawrence L.

Mike Jay
He doubled down and got 13, then the dealer turned over 14, but hit again? Wtf?
Коментарий от: Mike Jay

Daniel O'Connell
3 card poker is the wave . No joke I have won over 15 million grinding on it since the dlc came out
Коментарий от: Daniel O'Connell

Wait why is the dealer going over 13 in one of the cases when he doubles down, does the dealer have to hit an extra amount
Коментарий от: Tribeka

I got my bank up to 4 mil chips but suddenly my luck turned and the highest hand I got for about 50 hands was 16 so I’m down to 1.8 mil, bit suspect really
Коментарий от: DarkLeyete

Jimmy Petersen
Blackjack is rigged in gta online.
Коментарий от: Jimmy Petersen

Eddie Irons
So my penthouse was like 5 mill right, a few hours later my friend comes for the first time bets 50 k then doubles down wins then does it again
Коментарий от: Eddie Irons

Karthick R
guys any of the card counting trick works here?
Коментарий от: Karthick R

Bezimienny Z Gothic 2
only if you could buy something nice for that in actual gta online lol. but its fun to play at least.
Коментарий от: Bezimienny Z Gothic 2

Joe Cedillo
Dude the dealer is so dumb, the guy had like 15, and the dealer had 16 and she got another card like oml
Коментарий от: Joe Cedillo

Jeffrey Mitchell
I admire all yawl in the comments I got 5.1 mill off blackjack by just leaving after my 3rd hand loss in a row are you idiots really to lazy to just load back up in the cloud
Коментарий от: Jeffrey Mitchell

mr.ketchup 01
after this Mr. cheng will definitely sell his casino
Коментарий от: mr.ketchup 01

Trollo Brine
Why does the dealer hit even when there original or even sometimes after they hit and beat your hit hand they hit again what hacks are you running??????
Коментарий от: Trollo Brine

Isaiah Sealey
Коментарий от: Isaiah Sealey

I once split, doubled both of them and won with 20 on the one hand and 21 on the other.
+400k lol.

Коментарий от: TDFXX

Is it possible to count cards in GTA Online or not? Can’t really see how many decks are left so.
Коментарий от: Acegodfather12

Interesting strategy.... double down low so the dealer busts trying to hit 17.
Коментарий от: Jmagodude

Trollo Brine
Could do with some badass intense music
Коментарий от: Trollo Brine

IlKing DiStoCazz0
The first time that I can say : lucky*
Коментарий от: IlKing DiStoCazz0