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Коментарии Wizard of odds oasis poker rules

سرمایه گذاری آنلاین
There is poker sites to work in Switzerland:(😪
Коментарий от: سرمایه گذاری آنلاین

Poker Stars is rigged.
Коментарий от: rickaz80

Kees Breugelmans
Pokerstars is so rigged now its getting worse. I can already say the card on the river before i see it cause its always the one that makes me loose. Its ridicoulous now. But i like to play poker online. When i started on pokerstars it was new and i think they was happy with the fees only now im pretty sure they have bots that rip u off. They want it all its gonna be there downfall cause im gonna looking for a way to make them pay fucking basterds. I hope there comes a site like pokerstars but not so rigged cause further its the nicest to play. Witch site is the best u would say?
Коментарий от: Kees Breugelmans

Toto Master
- No phone number
- Ignores e-mails
- Involved in multiple (money laundering, ponzi scheme) scandals
- CEO accused and found guilty of insider trading, is officially fugitive still
- So there criminals
- Continuous suckouts (especially after winning some buck) noticeable way more frequent than on PartyPoker or others
- Favors streamers/affiliates
- Freezing of accounts and holding funds without legal reason
Need I type more?

Коментарий от: Toto Master

russell johnson
anyone that plays this site every day , knows the cards aren't random (so fixed) yet we keep playing .just don't be stupid and play with real money . OR YOUR JUST A SUCKER that's making some crooks very wealthy
Коментарий от: russell johnson

When you deposit you win for a day then they rig it so you loose it all and deposit again. After the first day you loose all the best hands against worst hands and it’s no variance.
Коментарий от: Cameron

jp byrne
They are extortionists on top of being most rigged site of all time..I bankrolled about 500k on it you couldn't actually make up the beats on it it just wasn't mathematically possible to lose so many times with kk qq jj aa ..you don't even feel safe if you flop a set it was just the huge prizepool compared go small buy ins that kept me coming back
Коментарий от: jp byrne

Boxing Finland
are you Still alive ? Pokerstars you just cant win "
Коментарий от: Boxing Finland

Erik Visscher
Well, played PK for a few days now. And 2 times i went out with aq vs aq off suit. Beaten by flush. Whaha in 2 days. Every tournament you go out with a bad beat on river.... there's not much you can do. But its no problem fr me, i just play fr fun at the small tables. To bad there's not a normal poker site.
Коментарий от: Erik Visscher

Michael Angst
Probably because theya ctaully do something about bots.. I would rather crush real life incels with way less rakeback than get rakeback and face bots all the time...
Коментарий от: Michael Angst

Joe Wales
it's a proven fact that all current online poker sites are rigged for rake. i'm waiting on honest site.
Коментарий от: Joe Wales

There was this one time i was watching my friend play pokerstars. And all of sudden it was telling people what to do. Bet,raise,fold and call and they were right everytime. Someone went all in with AA even tho it told him to fold pre flop and he lost
Коментарий от: travis

Drvenica Damjan
Fair.poker is first provably fair poker they offer up to 70 percent rakeback
Коментарий от: Drvenica Damjan

dick doorn
what origin is the owner of pokerstars??? OH yeah
Коментарий от: dick doorn

andrew burke
PokerStars is rigged. You’re an absolute fool if you think otherwise
Коментарий от: andrew burke

Its funny, when you see 4 hands 3 kk pocket and one qq pocket lose to any ace in. This happen in 4hands all in preflop. Ahaha. Percentage, how is it possible?
Коментарий от: Xedga1ltX

Jesper Hall
Dont play on Pokerstars. Its SCAM and you ARE ABLE TO PREDICT BIG PARTS OF THEIR SYSTEM. They deny it but its major scam. Look at Micromillions winners on Official Poker Rankings, its all sorts of trash players that win first second and third places even tho they are ranked less than 30 % on Official poker rankins. So basicly, even tho you are PRO at poker, you WILL lose at pokerstars cause you are being SCAMMED!!
Коментарий от: Jesper Hall

I'm still waiting for the next poker boom since 2007
Коментарий от: Kawhi

Bc they’re degens
Коментарий от: officialghetty

mark huxley
Been on pokerstars most of last 10yr after a brief stint on 888, for the bigger tournaments, more sit nd go's and more choice. Been on partypoker last few months tho and winning noticeably more.
Коментарий от: mark huxley

ronald josafat
Question: if I sign an account in a allowed country and I go on vacation on a banned country. Can I still play my account while on vacation?
Коментарий от: ronald josafat

Pokerstars - Red FLAG.
Коментарий от: eLord

wesley lopez
Bro used to be a cash plo reg on stars grinding small 50/1 n below and you could make 50-100 dollars per day in bonuses alone. Now with the sane volume played you will earn 10/20 dollars a month in these embarrassing bs chest rewards
Коментарий от: wesley lopez

the problem is that the software on 99,9 sites are bs ,,,, the old mermaid poker software .win2day --cake poker --- were 1kk times better
Коментарий от: BeatTheBieber

Rabie Diab
I don't mind paying a little extra to ensure the integrity of the website. But is pokerstars fully secure from bots and collusion? I have a hard time believing that it is.

Andreas, do you know anything about this?

Коментарий от: Rabie Diab

Guitar Flash
I have found a real good website for online casino, it’s a comparative between all the casino and you have all the games slots, poker, blackjack with a lot of bonuses.
Коментарий от: Guitar Flash

The Danish PartyPoker client is ugly as hell. It is the worst design ever. Impossible to play with.
Коментарий от: MicskiDK

Mx x.M
I lost every 20of20 pre Flop all in Hands against 1 guy... Dosnt matter AA KK KA..
Always get beaten by a stupid runner Runner..
AA vs AK i Lose KKJJ2
just sayn :)

Коментарий от: Mx x.M

l'enfant Sauvage
Fucking robbing bastards, never going on there again it has cost me a fortune.
Коментарий от: l'enfant Sauvage

Tony Soprano
Online poker is illegal in australia because of how much of proven scam it was. Online casinos are still legal but these online poker sites get the ban what does that tell you about how much of scam online poker is. These sites had such a good thing going aswell, they only had to offer a true random deck instead of calculating what cards to draw based off the cards in play in peoples hand.
Коментарий от: Tony Soprano

David Green
What are the chances that you are directed to a table where you think you are actually playing against other real people but are infact playing against bots..........the system decides who wins, obviously not you. Perhaps some of the players are actually 'attached' to these sites and are there playing the role of an ordinary Joe Blogg. I'm sorry, but my distrust, through experience, of online gambling is enourmous. I would rather pay a much larger fee and sit at an online table with a real dealer who shuffles the cards with his/her hands just like a real casino. I'm guessing this scenario does exist, I'm just not aware of them.
Коментарий от: David Green

Jesse TT
I just deleted the client (like usual)
Коментарий от: Jesse TT

gabriel ciuclaru
all online poker rooms have an algorithm in the Dynamic shuffle distribution to balance ROI! ALL of them =cheating! I agree to remove Hand History but board at this point should be distributed entirely when player cards has bean dealt covered and to be consultabile via replayers after the Hand is over .
Коментарий от: gabriel ciuclaru

Im fucking sick of my stars account getting frozen and getting in contact with them to sort it out is a nightmare dont bother with it
Коментарий от: icky2stik

luis braga
I play there bc is the only site where its possible to play mixed games
Коментарий от: luis braga

At least pokerstars is not cheating their poker players by removing hand histories like partypoker did.
Коментарий от: Alexander

I am on poker stars and it is a fucking joke. I have been playing PLO cash games all day and I have lost $300 from having the best hand and getting fucked on the river about 10 times today alone, in all-ins. I lost $168 in three hands in a row that way. It is unfuckingbelievable how rigged it is. I'm so fucking pissed.
Коментарий от: guibox3

Pokerstars is pure scam, also the casino there is pure scam you cant win anything thausands of minus there and still not winning a cent, i would love to visit this scammers for real with some other people who got scammed, this idiots live in countries where no rules or law exist anyways, but they feel save...
Коментарий от: CptChrizzo

Scott Cameron
Stupidity that's why 😁😁
Коментарий от: Scott Cameron

John Rambo
I'm playing now lol
Коментарий от: John Rambo

Dany Hermawan
Im still playing because their withdrawal is the best, also they have good casino games
Коментарий от: Dany Hermawan

The rakeback of Stars is a scam, i can’t imagine a logic argument to the regulars of cash and MTTs keep playing there, Party Poker is the best site actually.
Коментарий от: Holmes

alain touillet
The guy that believes that pokerstars is honnest is an idiot f yoy understand something about maths and odds its very easy to calculated that what you see on the flop turn and river isnot possible random against all odds. 61 % of the flop is a pair and three the same cards on the flop that is something that i see every day more than once
Коментарий от: alain touillet

kostas kolomitroushs
Why I play on pokerstars? Because after the pokerstars mafia bought fulltilt, they banned all other sites in Greece.The only legal site in Greece is pokerstars.Thats how mafia does buisiness.
Коментарий от: kostas kolomitroushs

Steve Richard
They ain’t players they are Bots playing and taking are money,so don’t play ,hope to gob the U.K Ban online gambling & close every Shop they have,its Costing us money.
Коментарий от: Steve Richard

Mubea Denyz
Partypoker is definitely a competitor....since pokerstar pulled away from greyco
Коментарий от: Mubea Denyz

Hyper Hektor
haha i ask this since 2012 xD
Коментарий от: Hyper Hektor

Online poker sites are a scam as you can't beat the bots & from the day you start your method of playing is collected as data then the bots will get knowing how you play certain situations.Research the guy who won 40,000,000 on Party Poker & when he was caught he never got arrested but warned off.This person could see everyones cards & knew when to bet & who was bluffing.He was not arrested because that would of been the end of Party Poker.I have done a lot of research & online poker is a scam you cant win & it can be difficult to get paid out.Research will teach you what I say is true & this is not fake news.Only play live at least you can see who you are playing.Online poker is like playing a fruit machine you cant beat a computerized chip unless you can pull off a scam like the person did above.
Коментарий от: cryptoskygreen7

People are still suffering from the demon designed moneymaker poker/gambling soul trap. Smarter to find someone to flip a coin for $100 and use the time saved to be more productive.
Коментарий от: herodotall

John Stanley
They havevpokers stars nj Jersey players can play but its a rigged joke always lose to runner runner when you got them dead riged scum bag site beware
Коментарий от: John Stanley

John Stanley
Poker stars is riged
Коментарий от: John Stanley

Leonard Walsch
Other sites suck more... If PartyPoker would step it up I'd consider changing sites
Коментарий от: Leonard Walsch

Dmytro Picky
so you didnt actually talk about other sites
Коментарий от: Dmytro Picky

I still play (cash) at PS after a bunch of years even though I hate it but the reasons for playing there are dwindling.
1. you can play at any time of the day at any stake, enough players all the time. If I would play at smaller networks I would've to play evening hours in Europe because there is no traffic during the day, it's that simple.
2. withdrawals are very fast (for me it's usually within 1 hour, even within 10 minutes...)
3. I could table select until recently, now they put TST on their prohibited softwares list (so this is no longer a reason to stay)
4. they are not an untrustworthy scam site so my money is safe there (at least that's what I think). I'm not saying others are but I read about some problems with other sites in the past. For me the GG network would be ideal because of my life rhythm and their peak hours (middle of the day in Europe) but I just can't trust those Chinese sites. Also I heard that iPoker and Party is full of bots, no thanks.
5. the software is still the best altough in recent years I played on other sites as well and they are not that bad. I liked MPN, I hated Partypoker and iPoker.

What I'm hoping for is that Stars bans HUDs and bans table selecting completely (I mean the entire thing in the lobby), they should only let us to sit down via the quick seat option. That would level out the playing field completely and warn off most of the eastern EU players at micro/midstakes. I think they are destroying the complete poker ecosystem even from 2NL.

Коментарий от: bslay4r

Sausage N Bellenz
If not stars what site would you recommend? 888?
Коментарий от: Sausage N Bellenz

Fire Horse
Why does a person stay in a terrible relationship ?
Коментарий от: Fire Horse

Because I can get a table at my desired stakes. Unlike other sites with much less traffic, where I can't get a seat for hours and hours.
Because the player-pool is so much bigger, I don't have to sit with the same 14 nits every time I play.
Because Zoom.
Because of the chance I might luckbox a big tourney win.

Коментарий от: Raskolnikov32

Poker stars used to be a game of poker. Now with slots it has become a gamble site.
Коментарий от: linrkirk

The new format and games attracts a lot of rec players.
Коментарий от: Name

Max Muro
Because 98% of Players idiots and fishes. They love open chests like World of Warcraft. Fukk pokerstars.
Коментарий от: Max Muro

Abhi Bhai
Коментарий от: Abhi Bhai

Ohio Against The World
just a heads up to any people considering PokerStars: every single time I log on to play, there's a new "update," although nothing ever changes. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. and they aren't fast updates either. if you get an itch to play poker and want to quickly, don't choose PokerStars. your 'itch' will disappear in the 3 hours it takes to update every single solitary time you log on. its getting old.
Коментарий от: Ohio Against The World

Barry Mccann
Pokerstars latest scam. Everybody who has Sunday million $215 entry's sitting in their accounts then pokerstars changes the entry to $105 and exchanges their 1 entry for 2 entry's all good you think. But then they announced the 13 year anniversary 10 million game (13 unlucky for the people with $215 tickets) now your 2 x entries are no good to enter the anniversary game and you now have to pay $215 to get into the game.
Коментарий от: Barry Mccann

Eddie Spencer-Small
The idea that bigger tournaments = better is a myth. It doesn't matter if you will win more or less in the short term. The only thing that matters is your win rate. Sure, you will win more for 1st in a single tournament on stars than you would on a smaller site, but that will happen far less frequently compared to the smaller site. In actuality, the only things that matter are the strength of the field and rake/rewards. Both of which are more favourable to you on smaller sites. There is very little reason to play on stars, only really if you want to use it for things like qualifying for live events.
Коментарий от: Eddie Spencer-Small

annie poloo
Коментарий от: annie poloo

Morten christensen
pokerstars live by bad habits. total rigged. no winning player besides a plot.
they have the best setup but it dont justify cheating.
robbing people are the trade not far from other businesses approach.
a skilled pokerplayer dont have to start 82 tournament on a Sunday sending up to 8000$ down the drain.
any skilled player kan work out a winning game with a sensible frequency. but pokerstars have made people belive in their type of variance. 7:3 will be 3:7 stars variance just have to take its time.
the game have no dynamic its a setup ditching premium cards or make wild running scams.
therefor its a total bore lookingat pokerstars player. they can only play it one way.

Коментарий от: Morten christensen

Willem Groen
Boycott it for just 3 months. But is a world problem with bigger and bigger companys who wants profit and squeez it like they can, thats the money system. I worked in construction and they als so squeezed it there. Its a world wide fenomanen.
Коментарий от: Willem Groen

After black Friday they really stood up and showed the world that its the safest place to play. I don't worry having big sums of $ cash on there, while I would on other sites. Love the fast pay outs too on skrill its takes an hour or less, when I have my money.
Коментарий от: OnlineStarRR

KKona Clap
I'm playing Partypoker and their cashback is very helpful.
Коментарий от: KKona Clap

KKona Clap
Hey Andreas, i want to ask you a question: Two weeks ago i started my own challenge, purpose of that challenge is climb from PL 0.01/0.02 to PL 0.25/0.50. I'm playing for two weeks and won just 5 Buy-ins, is that real to beat microlimit stages? I'm Playing partypoker.
Коментарий от: KKona Clap

Michael Rhodan
I got a $25 credit for a $100 deposit without any conditions to unlock the money. My impression is that people like me should be prevented from depositing at RIO-Poker. Thanks Phil and of course I will deposit and play at RIO.
Коментарий от: Michael Rhodan

Ian Bellingham
I've played micros on 888 Sky Poker and Pokerstars and all have there + & - for me, so the best thing is to find the right game for you on each site, especially for new players.
I like Sky for double or nothing, 888 for freerolls and stars for cash (zoom nl2)
Pokerstars has
by far the best software and most enjoyable to play on imo, and is my prefered choice right now.

Коментарий от: Ian Bellingham

Kiril Mihaylov
Pokerstars are where the best play...also the rake is higher than usual...it doesn't make sense to play there...
Коментарий от: Kiril Mihaylov

Michael Roekel
In addition to point 3 whenever there comes a site that is getting close to pokerstars, pokerstars will just buy them out.
Коментарий от: Michael Roekel

Been playing seriously for 2 years now. I made some great scores here and there, my biggest one being 1200$ (you can watch the FT on my channel) and I have been almost exclusively playing on PS. I am starting to feel impatient since I got very close to win another big score many times since then, but somehow I always get very unlucky near the first spots. (I finish 13th, 11th, 9th, 30th, 20th and so...) you can check my sharkscope you will see it right away. I won 400$ not too long ago, that was my last big one... Pretty frustrating but I keep going and although yes PS did a lot of shady business since I came on board, they still offer a great experience and their customer service is really good. The whole chest system compared to the old ranking system is really shit I have to admit.
Коментарий от: lajeandom

Dominik Tomašković
Could playing poker on pokerstars be beneficial, income wise? I'm good at poker and thinking about getting the app just so I can make some money to pay bills of my family, live more freely...should I start playing on it? I'd start with like 10$ and try to make my way up from there on a daily basis. Any advice or anything?
Коментарий от: Dominik Tomašković

No other websites offers such a diverse variety of mixed games.
Коментарий от: C0NDEV1L

Remco de Vries
Well... I play PLO cashgames fulltime. Just no actions, or a few tables, at any other site. There is no other option for me and I just to be supernova elite. To become elite, I had to pay a little over 200k in rake, which is insane with the rakeback cuts. As for other reasons; people keep playing there because everyone is playing there. And because everyone is playing there, people keep playing there. It is a vicious circle which, as far as I can tell, won't be broken soon. Maybe make a video with how we can actually break this circle and also keep the recreational players interested.
Коментарий от: Remco de Vries

Think Media
Коментарий от: Think Media

About the rake at PokerStars I obviously understand, why professional players are unhappy about, what happened, when they canceled the SuperNova. And it might be true, that for mid or high stakes players, PokerStars is now an expensive site to play on.

However for micro stakes players, that is not really the case. Based on my own experience at Stars, I dont know, what is the exact amount, I have received in rakeback, because I have played some time limited games like Unfold, that were not supported by my HUD. But it seem to be somewhere in the vicinity of 10%.

And thats actually not bad compared to for instance PartyPoker. At PartyPoker the rakeback depend on, how much rake you paid in an individual week, and for me as a micro stakes player it would typically be 10 or 15%. For a casual player it might even be 0%, since you need to generate at least 15$ a week in rake to receive a rakeback.

And the rake is much higher at PartyPoker to begin with. PartyPoker charge 5% rake at all stakes, while PokerStars only charge 3,5% at 2NL, 4,15% at 5NL, and 4,5% at 10NL-25NL. So unless you play 50NL or higher, playing on PokerStars actually seem to be cheaper than playing at PartyPoker.

Коментарий от: fundiver198

My opinion
Andreas do a video on pokerstars is new format short Deck bro. Please. I'm so glad to see this it's supposed to have really taken off big in China.
Коментарий от: My opinion

My opinion
Andreas do a video on pokerstars is new format short Deck bro. Please. I'm so glad to see this it's supposed to have really taken off big in China.
Коментарий от: My opinion

For me its the convenience factor. Its the site, I know, the software is great, game selection is great, and the tables are as good as 100% free from bots and collusion, as far as I can tell. The low rake-back and high rake for tournaments is a major downside though and makes it tough to build a bankroll from scratch. I got pretty stuck at 10-16NL and have not been able to break that deadlock yet after 230k hands.

I was planning to try out 888 poker and collect a deposit bonus. However I had problems activating the site in my HUD, and as the software did not look appealing to me at all, I gave it up. What I did notice though is, that there was way less activity than at PokerStars. So it really does seem to be true, that everyone is still playing at Stars.

Коментарий от: fundiver198

The only reason I still play there is that their software is the only one, that runs smoothely under Linux with WINE. I'm procrastinating getting a licensed Windows or a cheap dedicated machine for months now. Else I would play on other sites already except for the CardsChat freerolls.
Коментарий от: trillian1964

Illya K
I quit playing on Pokerstars.com like in November last year. Mostly because I'm playing tournaments upto 20$ buy in (higher buy in also if I win a satellite into it). But I just didn't want to pay almost 11% or more in some cases as fee, like bounty builder 5,5$ (you pay 60 cents to Pokerstars!!!! 60, Karl!!!!). On Partypoker instead, at least last year it was (5,5$ buy in and 25 cents from buy in goes to the site!). Also, huge fields in tournaments make it almost impossible to go deep in consistently in some over 1k runners tournaments).
So I still play on Pokerstars but the .es with spain, France and also some other countries (as .es allows to play people from Germany, russia, Ukraine and other countries) and on Partypoker. On the ps.es site the competition is also a lot weaker then on ps.com (at least on my stake level) and fee in tournaments is still as it was earlier on ps.com, before increase, and Partypoker is just great because of normal rake and rakeback and occasionally overlay tournaments. That being said during the last tournament series in Partypoker there was consistent overlay in some 11$ and 3,3$ tournaments. One bad thing that happened on Partypoker is that all tournaments run now without re-entry.

Коментарий от: Illya K

My opinion
I play on there cause of the big range off tornements and also the big prize money. Other sites like uni bet and 888 the tornements are so poor. Party poker's ok but the cards are so small you carnt even see them lol.And that's why I still play there. The app is brilliant for android. Wow 888 and party poker there apps are sooooooo slow it's unreal if you haven't got 4g then your in trouble.
Коментарий от: My opinion

Ben Jagmann
So looking forward to this series especially your thoughts on Party poker's cash games.
Regarding Pokerstars: their marketing budget also allows to sponsor most high profile players. I rarely see PartyPoker merch on streams although the high rollers seem to be represented by PartyPoker more often (Holz, Haxton for example)

Коментарий от: Ben Jagmann

RIghteous Shift
"People are still winning that is why people are still playing at PokerStars." - Disagree strongly. People lose in poker, the majority lose. That is the nature of the game, it's zero sum. The majority of people play poker because it is fun for them, they have the chance at a big score and they are entertained gambling. So the job of sites is to keep the losing players interested, create the dream for them, provide a good service free of collusion, that processes transactions swiftly and ring-fences funds. For any professional player, they need the sites to do this too. As soon as casual players stop playing the game, the dream of professional poker playing become unrealisable to all but a handful of people.

Pokerstars do most of these things well, certainly significantly better than their competition. We all know PS fucked up with supernova under their previous management and their rake structure is very stingy but things like the pspc are absolutely godsends to professional poker players as they advertise poker to the mainstream world, create moneymaker-type stories and stars should get massive credit for organising these sorts of things and encouraging more recs into the game. It benefits them yes, but it benefits the poker world & professionals too and these synergistic projects should be applauded by everyone.

Professional players need to be balanced in their criticisms. Stars rule the roost at the moment and things can change but professional poker players will always follow the fish and Stars are by far the best at encouraging the fish. Give them credit for this and criticise them for their mistakes like Supernova and their overly tight rake structure.

(Just as background I've been a pro for 15 years btw. I don't play that much on Stars as it goes, as I prefer smaller field tournaments in general.)

Коментарий от: RIghteous Shift

I think it’s apathy ... if someone goes to a casino and loses you don’t get rackback live so people just put up with the less rackback to trust the security ... and spread of tournaments
Коментарий от: jstars101

I'm looking forward to this series. As an ex Supernova who was screwed over by them I have as much hate for them as anyone. I've moved onto other more lucrative sites due to them slashing the VIP system, and increasing their rake. I've cashed out and never looked back. I wish everyone else would too, but I understand that no other site has stepped up to take advantage of their corporate greed and complete disregard for the players.
Коментарий от: PogeyBoots

misty bonnie
Another example is poker stars virtual reality which is pretty amazing they are staying ahead of the curve. A site with new potential tho is GG poker it would be interesting to see where it goes in the next few years, i love the software there and tournament staking, it just needs more players.
Коментарий от: misty bonnie

I'm not, 8). ( And I have no idea why so many still do, tbh. There are plenty of good alternatives nowadays. Just do some research. )
Коментарий от: TD

Sabeoque Ela Quer
Games are better , more rake is better.
Коментарий от: Sabeoque Ela Quer

misty bonnie
888 poker has the worst rake and worst graphics, party poker is ok but its still lacking. GG poker has the best graphics and awesome promotions and tournament staking but has low volume which is a problem for sit and go and tournament players. i wish i could play somewhere else but pokerstars sit and gos are the best. i did boycott them for a while tho.
Коментарий от: misty bonnie

Matthias Pum
you forgot ZOOM
Коментарий от: Matthias Pum

misty bonnie
It is the most profitable site
Коментарий от: misty bonnie

Oscar Perche
I think you forgot about status quo bias. I think a lot of people, myself included, continue to play on pokerstars because that is what they are used to. There is some sort of cost to changing sites
Коментарий от: Oscar Perche

I started playing 2 months ago and enjoy playing on pokerstars. What site do you recommend?
Коментарий от: halis98

Johan schultz-pedersen
Just clicked the video. Why are people still playing there. (me included)
Коментарий от: Johan schultz-pedersen